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We are a guild founded on the first of February, 2014. Looking for members, through harsh times of Spiral Knights. Our motto is,"Until the very end"

The 8 Orders:

             1. No begging, if you need help, just ask.
             2. Treat others the same way they treat you.
             3. No excessive swearing. 
             4. Only take reasonable amounts of stuff from storage. 
             5. Veterans are not allowed to change the guild hall looks without a higher ranking witnessing.
             6. Don't join another guildmates' mission without permission.
             7. Don't AFK during someone's mission. 
             8. Do not put random materials in the treasury, ask the GMs what you can put in.

Repeated failure to follow The 8 Orders will result in: 1. Warning 2. Demotion 3. Kick from the guild and Reported for certain behavior

We treat all our members with respect and kindness, anytime one of our members are in need of help, there are higher-ups willing to sacrifice their time for you =)

Calamity Triggers
File:GuildLogo-Calamity Triggers.png

Until the Very End

Guild Founder: Karituo-Luster (formerly Karituo)
Approx. Population: 90
Guild Master(s):
  • Karituo-Luster
  • Thedarkbandit
  • Crimsonstreak
  • Hewl
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