Candlestick Secrets (Guild)

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Candlestick Secrets
GuildLogo-Candlestick Secrets.jpg

How can you know what there is if you do not know yourself.... welcome to Candlestick Secrets

Guild Founder: Hyaku-Sekai
Approx. Population: 15

Guild Officer(s):
  • Blaacklue
  • Tsiner
  • Firehound

Guild News


1) Begging is not permitted at anytime. Requesting for assistance is fine, however have the intention of repaying that person back.

   Consequences for caught begging are as followed:
       A) A warning will be given
       b) A demotion will be issued
       c) Immediate removal of the guild
   In the event you are caught scamming, it will be investigated and, if found guilty, will be removed from the guild. No second chances.

2) The promotion of a friendly environment where players can work together, help each other out, and the creation of a family type of guild.

3) Chat as you please. There is no issue with how you speak unless it is found offensive by another member. Until then, freedom of speech!

   If you are offended by someones words or actions, we strongly suggest you take a screenshot of it and present it as your evidene.
   please send it via email to the guild email account.

Chat Etiquette


Guild Master: there is only one- Me (Hyaku)

Officer: Once the guild has reach a certain number of members, there will be a promotion. The promotion will be by who the current officers and I see fit to help run the guild. Officers MUST:

       A) 5*
       B) Vanguard
       C) Must be able to run Lord of Ashes mission with no problems (Including Solo)
       D) *Not Manditory* Shadow Lair Experience

Veteran: Veterans must be:

       a) at least 4*
       b) Helpful and friendly

In order to become a veteran, player must solo Roarmulus Twins. An Officer is allowed to tag along but is not allowed to help in anyway. Players are limited to 1 deaths the whole run.Once the 1 death is reached, the officers will remove you from the party. If your death is from the result of lag, please show evidence of this (people will use lag as an excuse). Once a Veteran, you are in line to become next Officer. Play hard, keep rising and show your worthiness to run a guild. Please don't let us down.

Member: Members can be of any rank (0-5*). In order to become a member, you must be active for 2 weeks.

Recruit: Recruits are everyone who are just recruited to the guild. you will be promoted to member once you are active for 2 weeks.








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