Cardinal Virtues (Guild)

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Cardinal Virtues
GuildLogo-Cardinal Virtues.png

Teddie bites.

Guild Founder: GameGirl
Approx. Population: 84
Guild Master(s):

Too many...

  • Hr-Dalp
  • Teddieursa
  • Calydith
  • Vooling
  • Graymeer
  • Player-One
  • Solaceanx
  • Gamegirl
  • Trollingyou
  • Vethrfolnir
Guild Officer(s):
  • Acero-Sk
  • Autumnitsme
  • Bloodcore
  • Bustersniper
  • Darchal
  • Licario
  • Masterswords
  • Serell
  • Skythreader
  • Vantox
  • Anfre
  • Wasdax
  • Yzarox

About us

We're cool


  • NO swearing in guild chat
  • NO begging
  • NO random invites/joins
  • Please, please don't beg for ranking. If you need to be ranked up tell a guild master or officer and we will give you the appropriate rank.

We want to be as open and friendly as possible but structure is needed. Please don't break rules.

Ranking System

  • Recruit- 2 star gear and below
  • Member-3 and 4 star gear
  • Veteran- full 5 star gear
  • Officer- full 5 star gear, along with maturity and approval by a Guild Master
  • Guild Master- is now a forbidden rank, special conditions are considered for any new Guild Masters, please ask if you want more details

Inactive Members Cleaning

Once a month we plan on “cleaning” out inactive members. Anyone inactive for 3 months will get kicked from the guild. We don't hate you; we just don't want inactive members cluttering up our guild. Officers and Guild Masters are exempt from guild cleaning. If you plan on being away for a long period of time please tell a Guild Master and we will take note.

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