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Guild Founder: Bananaana
Approx. Population: #
Guild Master(s):
  • Chojve
  • Ignore-Bre
  • Ulyxes
  • Bananaana
Guild Officer(s):
  • Batca
  • Chineychung (Supernoob)
  • Cszn
  • Teaspoonn
  • Naijian
Website: Steam , FB page

About Guild:

The epic tail of Cartel began on a cold night on October 19, 2012 in Belgrade, Serbia. A few knights wanted to extend their passion to other knights and decided to form a warm and friendly guild. In Cartel we pride ourselves in seeking to create a relaxing environment for all its members. We aim to provide an atmosphere that allows fellow members to feel welcomed, loved and approachable. It does not matter if you are a battle hardened veteran knight who can rampage through Vanaduke’s castle with a proto sword, or a new knight who has yet to discover all the wonders of the arcade, Cartel is a place for everyone. So, if you're friendly and need some help in learning more about the game, or perhaps make some friends and have fun causing havoc in the arcade, Cartel will be like a second home to you! (Also don't forget, we are always up for a challenge of getting beat by those polaris spammers in lockdown).

Guild Activities:

We have a variety of different activities to keep our knights happy. Some of them include going token hunting (in particular, we really enjoy kicking Vanaduke’s backside) and going on arcade runs in search for all kinds of powerful weapons. You need not worry if you are not yet properly equipped to face those baddies, many of our knights can be seen running through missions trying to rank up, so you will not only have help but also some nice company. Do not think we have forgotten about the good old Lockdown matches, some of our knights are hardcore lockdown players. Of course we also have a fair amount of casual lockdown players who will go in a match just to have some fun. So,whatever you prefer, you will always find good company. There are no guild events currently, but we will work hard to prepare some in the near future.

How to Join:

Joining Cartel is very easy, we only have two requirements, you must be an adventure loving knight who will always laugh in the face of danger (cracking up a few bad puns is acceptable too) and you must have a full 3 star gear (or higher)… also read our guild rules. To get an invitation, just send a message to our Guild master “Bananaana”. Also you could visit our Guild Hall and talk to members that you meet there, or in Haven.

Guild Rules:

All members must obey these rules. Any violation of the following rules will be sanctioned by expulsion or demotion, depending on which rule is violated.

1. Absolutely no begging in Haven or the Guild.

2. No spamming. That includes spamming chat in guild or Haven and spamming with random friend invites.

3. No begging for help with missions in guild. It is enough to ask once, if somebody can and wants to, they will help you. Don't forget that all players have things to do just like you, and that they can't submit all of their time to you.

4. Absolutely no national, racial or religious hatred. This will be sanctioned with a report and expulsion from the guild.

5. Guild members are not obliged to borrow anything to someone just because he is in guild. If you do this, you do it on your own free will, and you alone will suffer the consequences if that person doesn't respect the agreement. Cartel can't and won't take sides or participate in that matter.

6. Asking someone constantly to borrow something or help you make better gear is considered the same as begging and spamming.

7. No begging for a rank. You will be promoted when you pass all requirements. There is no need to remind us.

8. Stealing from the Guild treasury is punishable via ban.

9. All members are free to use any of the resources in the guild storage but only for crafting. If you take stuff and sell it, you will be considered a thief and treated like one. (Refer to rule 8.)

10. All donations to guild treasury are voluntary. That doesn't mean you should take everything you can, and then neglect to give anything back to guild. It means that every member can decide for himself how much he can spare to donate so we can make our guild a better place. Donating materials, equipment and crowns is always welcome. If u want to donate materials please place these items in Storage, rather than putting them in the Treasury.

11. Be nice, polite and enjoy the game.


1. If you want to promote someone, you must discuss it with at least two more officers or with the Guild Master.

2. All decisions about spending money from the guild treasury must be discussed with the Guild Master.

Guild promotions:

There are four factors that are taken in consideration when it comes to promoting members. These requirements include:

  • Time (How long you have been a member);
  • Skill;
  • Gear;
  • The Impression you make on the Officers and Guild Master (and the other members in general).

If you pass the first three conditions, this does not mean that you will be automatically promoted. Passing the requirements only means you will be taken into consideration to be promoted to the next rank.


  • Time: You must be member of Cartel for a few days.
  • Skill: No skill requirements.
  • Gear: At least 3* gear


  • Veterans should have high knowledge about game and should be a role-model to members and recruits. You should be willing to guide the younger members in the guild in getting better at the game (even if this means just giving advice on what weapons are better)
  • Gear: At least one 4* piece of equipment.


  • Officers should be active, knowledgeable and helpful.
  • Skill: You have to prove your skill against Lord Vanaduke at least 500 times.
  • Gear: Full 5* gear.
  • In the event that an officer becomes inactive, he will be demoted.

Tnanks to Trinnin (he done great job by creating this text)

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