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Guild Founder: Veassenn
Approx. Population: 80-100

About Us

Casuality is a brand new guild that was founded on 3/16/13. The guild was created to be a big, fun guild, and we currently just grind FSC, but we hope to get involved in GvG soon.


-Absolutely No begging at any time, any where (Can lead to kick)

-Ask your guildmates before joining their party

-Be polite (No badmouthing etc.)

Promotion Requirements

Member: Having stayed in the guild for one week

Veteran: Having stayed in the guild for three weeks and contributing to the guild

Officer: Contributing to the guild and being in the guild for 1.5 months

Guild Master: Being a good leader, showing maturity, and has to be amazing

Requirements to Join

-Must be tier 3

-Must be decent at FSC, or the clockworks at the most part

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