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Casually Addicted (guild)
File:GuildLogo-Casually Addicted (guild).

First Cradle, then, THE WORLD!!!...oh wait...

Guild Founder: Showerepiphany and Fixedatone
Approx. Population: 100!! ((FULL))
Guild Master(s):
  • Showerepiphany(Trip)
  • Fixdatone(Rose)
Guild Officer(s):
  • Demogirl
  • Demospamman
  • Heavy-Gunna
  • Intrinsic-Faith
  • Lyethia
  • Nobody-Knows
  • [who knows, maybe you're name could be up here one day! :D]
Website: none. D:

All you need to know.

Oh hello, didn't see you there, I was busy having A HUNDRED LOVABLE GUILDMATES. I am absolutely stunned that the guild hit 100 already, thank you all so much and thank you fix(Rose) for making this all possible. ^_^ Alright, now that I'm done gushing, WELCOME TO THE GUILD WIKI PAGE! So who the hell are we and what the heck are we all about? Well good golly gosh darn kiddy just sit right down on my lap and I'll tell ya! Casually Addicted is a fresh and up and coming guild, no BS, just fun people who want to have fun whilst playing a game. I personally want to ensure that everyone has the best time playing Spiral Knights as they possibly can, and I think a good way to go about that is to gather people together so they can talk, help each other out, and you know, make friends! So come on, get addicted to something good.

Frakkin' Fascist!!

Hey, we gotta have SOME rules.

  1. Your guild mates are your best friends and your best potential source of fun and crowns, don't take them for granted!!
  2. Don't be afraid to ask(this does not mean beg!!)
  3. A Guildmaster can call for a meeting at any moment, be ready, there might be candy in it for you! ;3
  4. Officers are there to be your friends, if not then Internal Affairs will have a little chat with them.
  5. Officers are also there to enforce these rules, now that you know they're there you have no right to yell "help! help! I'm being oppressed!" if you break one of them.
  6. Cursing is not a sin, I will only ask you to refrain from it but there will be no punishment for an accidental slip, abuse of my tolerance will be punished though.
  7. Be active! if you're offline too much you may as well not be in the guild!(this means 2 weeks if you have not notified me prior!)
  8. Keep the guild treasury up above 100k, which means officers are not allowed to get spendthrifty
  9. since there is a registry I will be watching it and rewarding the people who donate more
  10. Try not to alter too much in the guild hall without an officer or GM there please @@

These are all the rules I feel the need to make at the moment, DON'T be the reason for any more! or do, it might be a funny story xD


I cannot stress this enough, the best way for you to keep in contact with the guildmaster (me[Trip]) is to get involved with the guild Skype group, by adding me on Skype. THIS ESPECIALLY GOES FOR OFFICERS. If you need something from me and I'm not on I WILL most likely be online on Skype. It is the best way to contact me and anyone else in the Skype group period. I want to keep in as close contact with the guild as possible so I can personally make sure everything goes swell for everyone. Albeit, it sounds like I want to micromanage, let me say this here: I will never issue direct orders that are not given through the officers first, it is then their choice how to best proceed after I tell them their job, but it is still up to me if I haven't made it clear what their job is.

My skype name is Blargenstine.



Recruitment is currently closed But if you friend me or an officer in the guild I'm sure some openings will be up sooner or later, not everyone can be as active as they want sadly enough.

Just a reminder for when it's open
  • Skype: Blargenstine
  • Email:
  • Forum account: Cupmancan (Trip)
  • Or contact any other guild master/officer via ingame mail, tell, or anything, just ask!


  • Recruits(minions)=Intro to the guild 101, This'll be your first week in the guild, treat it like boot camp so that you learn a thing or two about conduct and whatnot.
  • Members=After a week, if you're active enough you get bumped up to member (basically you wont get member if you join, log off for a week, then log back on) Members are the first step to making a more grand guild, you'll be required to put in 200cr MINIMUM to the guild hall per week, greater donations are encouraged and will earn you brownie points to ranking up
  • Veterans=Veterans are what make guilds awesome, as a veteran you have certain responsibilities to maintain, and a veteran has to keep up with those responsibilities if they want to keep this rank, veterans have access to important things in the guild hall, and being that there are 100 other people besides you in the guild that means if you think a chair should go here and don't care what anyone else thinks, you're not likely responsible enough to be a real veteran yet. That being said, veterans should strive to always partake in guild activities, such as SL runs, dungeons, and fun events that Mr. Trip's been cookin' up ;3
  • Officers they will be determined by being put under a review period in secret (usually a week or so) to see how active, how helpful, and how much they care about the welfare of this guild and its constituents. Being an officer is a BIG responsibility, you have access to the treasury but just like a veteran your decision as per the treasury is not supreme, we're trying to save for big things so don't squander 100 peoples chance at having an awesome guild hall just cause you want your own bed. Secondly, officers have to be active, fun, smart, responsive, and responsible members of the guild, you should be able to go to an officer for anything, and if you don't know what to do as an officer, buck up and think what the GM would do. Officers will also have the power to organize and lead guild events of their own, like dungeon runs to Shadow Lairs, LockDown teams, and any other crazy wacko event you want, so long as everyone has fun. :P

El guild LockDown Team

Yes! I plan on making one! or two, whatever. but if you want in, I'm all ears! currently, I'm T3, but I have a set of VERY nice T2 armor, so I would be more than happy to play LockDown on any level in a planned team, who knows, maybe we can even do some BlastNetwork ^^ That said, I'll post any and all members willing to participate! :D GLHF!!

You see that picture up there?

Yeah, neither do I. Which means we need one. Whomsoever makes me a fancy lookin' Casually Addicted picture to put on the wiki page will have their (user)name up here in glorious big bold letters, and if not already granted it, will be given officer status.