Catacomb Kids (Guild)

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Catacomb Kids
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None shall pass.

Guild Founder: Skaiwalka, Chevyo, Messken
Approx. Population: #


Just a few friends who all started as F2P and quickly become decent players. We're not looking to become some huge guild, just a small, tight-knit clan of cool people with level heads on their shoulders and some skill. We hardly recruit, but we will take a look if you are seriously interested.

Wanna Join?

- Maturity and intelligence is key here.
- Any gear is alright, but chances of acceptance is cut. If you're rolling around in Wolver, you need to show you've got skill. We will still check you out regardless of gear though.
- Skill. Gotta have it.
- Again, maturity and intelligence.

We're not recruiting right now. When we are, instructions about how to get accepted will be updated here.

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