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Celestial Vanguards
File:GuildLogo-Celestial Vanguards.png

We are Celestial Vanguards!

Guild Founder: Deathlyrobot(Ukino) & Soccermage(Ecentric)
Approx. Population: 170+
Guild Master(s):
  • Brother-Zeke
  • Ecentric (Soccermage)
  • Klipik
  • Psyyche (inactive)
  • Thelhawk
  • Ukino (Deathlyrobot)
Guild Officer(s):
  • Dariandumb
  • Djnightfires
  • Gardevoid
  • Lmfaoxx
  • Mecha-Doodle (inactive)
  • Richarddamasta
  • Rickypeter
  • Pattyfatty
  • Skyguarder
  • Verde-Isback-Ember


After Verde-Ember, the founder and head GM of Verdant Vigilantes, left his guild and quit SK, Deathlyrobot, along with Psyyche and Soccermage, decided to make a specialized Tier Two Lockdown guild. Thus, Celestial Vanguards was founded in late December 2012. Since then, Celestial Vanguards has been recruiting members of both Tier Two and Tier Three. As time passed, the guild focus shifted from solely Tier Two Lockdown to include Tier Three and PvE. Now the guild has members who specialize in both PvP and PvE, and guild members can be found frequenting the Clockworks, Lockdown, and the occasional game of Blast Network.

Around April 2013, Danielflame proposed a merge with Lockdown Aces, a "rival" Tier Two Lockdown guild. Thus, the two guilds merged into Perfected. However, this merge lasted a mere two weeks. Celestial Vanguards lost numerous members and guild hall additions due to this. Less than a month later, Danielflame left Celestial Vanguards (who was a GM) and became a GM at another Lockdown guild. Although the merge with Perfected was not great, it ended up providing Celestial Vanguards with a sturdier framework; guild master counts were lowered (from a previous nine), officers were reduced, and overall the guild became more organized.

On January 8th, 2014, Deathlyrobot and Soccermage changed their names to Ukino and Ecentric and left Celestial Vanguards to pursue memberships in The Jempire. Brother-Zeke was left in charge of Celestial Vanguards, and Thelhawk and Klipik were promoted to take Ukino and Ecentric's spots. Under new leadership, the guild continued on, and it was unknown if Ukino and/or Ecentric would return.

On January 26th 2014, Ukino and Ecentric decided that The Jempire was not for them, and so they returned to Celestial Vanguards.

In mid March 2014, Lawrex, a veteran who was most likely going to become an officer, decided to quit Spiral Knights. He vendored all of his gear, and Celestial Vanguards obtained nearly 700,000 crowns. Using these funds, a Shadow Snarbolax Trophy was created on March 28th. Percy-Nguyen, Lawrex's friend, followed up that donation with over 250,000 crowns, although he did not quit. These donations and players will be remembered forever (as this is now a paragraph on here).

Verde-Ember returned to the game with his creative new username, Verde-Isback-Ember, and became very active. Also returning to the game was Dylanstarz, using his brother's account, Dariandumb. Both of these returning players made a huge impact in the guild.

In late September 2014, Verde-isback-Ember donated 100,000 crowns, and Brother-Zeke donated 50,000 crowns, expanding the guild limit to 200.

Zeke: The year 2015, Spiral Knights and CV dwindling. LoL has taken away all but one GM, myself, and I am hooked on DotA 2 + other around February. Lack of active GM's led to some people leaving and inactive officers. The guild is mostly very quiet, although I come on every now and then. SK, please, arcade redux/level editor/something new and awesome!

List of Members

Alternate accounts of guild members are not shown. Updated somewhat monthly. Inactive members are listed only under "Inactive Members".


Promotions are given to members in Celestial Vanguards by our Officers and GMs by doing certain things or doing tests.

  • Recruit: The first rank as soon you joined Celestial Vanguards. Recruits can be members on probation due to disciplinary action, or they are simply new members.
  • Member: After being a Recruit for one day, you will be automatically promoted to Member. The standard, carefree rank that comes without much responsibility other than demonstrating proper conduct and participating.
  • Veteran: After being a Member for a week, you can take a test by asking one of our GMs or Officers to test you. The officer/GM will tell you what the test is. Standard rank for contributing to the guild. This rank comes with privileges such as changing the Message Of The Day (MOTD), Veteran storage, and access to Guild Hall design mode.
  • Officer: After one month of being a Veteran, you can ask an Officer or Guild Master to test you, but this can be only done if there are any available slots. This is then followed by a vote and a discussion between the current Officers and GMs to decide if you get to be an Officer. The max Officers we can have is around 10. Must have skills, experience and willingness to put guild interests first. They are smart, level-headed players that have proven their trust and desire to be involved in the guild leadership. Standard executive rank.
  • Guild Master: This is unobtainable at this time.

Contact Information

If anyone would like to join Celestial Vanguards, please PM or mail any of the Guildmasters or Officers (preferably Brother-Zeke, Klipik, Luffy-Xx).

For more information visit our guild website here


The rules in Celestial Vanguards are essential, if you keep breaking these rules, they can cost you being kicked out from the guild:

  • Do not beg for stuff. This includes crowns (cr), energy, gear or even a promotion.
  • Don't whine or be an emotional nuisance.
  • Do not spam guild chat/forum posts.
  • No excessive swearing or blasphemy.
  • Be friendly, be a team player, and help others where and when you can!
  • After 30 consecutive days of inactivity (not logging on), you may be removed! If you anticipate to be away for such a duration, please mention this to an Officer/GM.
  • Respect the Spiral Knights ToS too.
  • Last but not least, DO NOT THROW RANDOM INVITES. Ask if someone wants to come to your aid, in either private message or guild chat!
  • And, of course, have fun!
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