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The Celestian Guardians is a guild that are bound to protect the world of Celstial. The world consists of powerful imaginations that CAN come to life. We(Guardians) of celestial protect our world against the dark forces against our world. We Celestian Guardians are protecters of the Light against the Dark forces of the Universe. We have Faith, Confidence and the most important thing, Hope.

I Darkasassin was Betrayed by the Dark forces and came to create the light forces.

My ranking system consists of 3 possible choices(you can choose any valid option, none is against your will.To make that, none is more overpowered than the others)like the three branches of U.S

1. Rank- If your like a defender elite, you can be a veteran. If you are a higher rank(champion, Vanguard) you can be a officer or a Guild master. Another example is like if your a recruit and lets say you turned into a apprentence because your still a low rank Spiral knight. Unless you go from recruit to Defender, you turn into a member of this guild. To not make this OP, you cannot be a GM or officer without my TRUST. If i don't trust you, I can't trust you with the Invitations and demotions and promotions.

2. Skill - You can level up by your skill. This consists some of ranks. I will take you on clockwork runs or mission(also danger) to see how you do with your strategies and tactics. To not make this OP, bombers and gunners must have a sword. They cannot rely on their bomb/gun because is cheating to the swordsman. As a gunner, you run and shoot. As a bomber, you bomb stuff like you are on crack.

3 Runs - This consists of both skill and rank. I will take you on Boss runs and sometimes SL runs(if i have the keys XD) If you complete each boss, you get rank. When u defeat SB and JK, you get promoted. To not make this OP, You have to atleast complete 2 bosses to level up(unless is vana) Also you have to beat it 3 times so you can advance. Like first you defeat SB with my help(it can be other GMs only) Then you defeat SB without my regular gear. Finally, you have to do it WITHOUT my help.(unless you need to rev) This will happen to all the rounds. This can only work for SB, And RT(and maybe JK) unless you are a bomber... that's another story.

Guild Rules- HAVE FUN LIKE A BOSS :D, Respect everyone! No sending out Invitations unless you are told too.( I keep track of everyone in the guild o_O) Like i said before, HAVE FUN. Also if you are unactive more than 4 days, you will be demoted. If this go on again, you be kicked. You have to tell me that your going to be absent for more than 4 days. Like a vacation. Send me a email.:)

About PvP- For guild (GvG) you must send a email or tell me about this because i want to play too -.-. You can also ask the Officers and Guld masters in the guild. Also You can ask me about LD tips and Triks and advice. I know alot since I'm like a strategic and tatic person instead of rushing and fighting.

Now you have alot of choices to choose so you can be a better rank in the guild. Good luck :) Happy choosing, Founder Darkasassin

  • Note this is my first guild page and ths is new*
  • also i will add news to the guild every once in a while for guild news. Like whats going on and special days. ALso the fun part comes if you scroll down a bit and i will delete this later.:/*

By creator of guild.

Guild News(9/14)

Contests, Giveaways and Special Days Are here!

Contests  I will start contests every month or year just because is fun ^.^. 

These contests is like a fashion contest for the good looking knights. Prizes would be like : 1st prize - 2k crowns and other stuff

Giveaways FREE DAYS. you get stuff for participating and then we all have a meeting to pick our random winner!

Special Days are here! SPOILER - this is not coming until this guild is becoming busier then ever!
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