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Champions Guild
GuildLogo-Champions Guild.png

We are the champions of Spiral!

Guild Founder: Robotrog
Approx. Population: #60
Guild Master(s):
  • Robotrog
  • Jeeshman
  • Fastlex
  • Jjalpha
Guild Officer(s):
  • Solarupt
  • Deshanthemaster
  • Dubbcee
  • Nthpower
  • Frostcalibur
  • Swiftlash

About the Guild

The guild's only purpose is to stimulate a friendly environment, where newer players can request help from more experienced player and experienced player may show off their skill. Our guild founder Robotrog is a very experienced player himself, and is willing to help newer players measure their skill, as well as if you need combat training, we have events, normal GH edits, and the GHS(Guild Hall Squad) ran by Skinnynshort, thank you have a good day.

Guild Work Groups(officers)

  • GHS: Fastlex, FrostCalibur, Skinnynshort. Solarupt Jeeshman
  • Eventers: Soggy Roggy Troggy (Robotrog)
  • Recruiters: Guild masters. Solarupt

Events and Guild Hall plans

  • Events: None Planned at the moment
  • GHS Plans: We have just got the AH room and currently we are trying to get more furniture for the GH. We also have one not used room and we need ideas if you have one PM one of the GHS members.

Ranks and Promotions

Ranking is mostly based off of the current armor you're on. 2* with 1 3* is recruit-unless you know a member IRL and they trust you, 3* with one 4* is member , 4* with one 5* is veteran and if we trust you its a officer. Completing an entire Shadow Lair, and proving yourself worthy(trust, nice) will result to a promotion to Guild Master, however, you still must be part of the guild, be friendly, helping other members out and overall be part of the community in order for you to be deemed worthy and not removed. Also you need to be a recruit for 2-3 days to be a member or if you argue with members than its 1 week.


  • 1 No Scamming
  • 2 Be part of the Guild Community
  • 3 Have fun (if you want to) :D
  • 4 Use the GH
  • 5 Only take things out of the storage IF YOU MUST

Officer Rules

  • 1 Help guild
  • 2 Donate
  • 3 Never promote unless granted permission
  • 4 Ask to invite people, we don't want too many members
  • 5 Join in events, and such
  • 6 Only take out mist energy out of the mist well once a day for runs

GM Rules

  • 1 Help members
  • 2 Donate
  • 3 Promote if they deserve the promotion
  • 4 Invite at will, just don't randomly invite
  • 5 Invite for others
  • 6 Respect others
  • 7 Do runs to help lower members
  • 8 Be a good leader, and do not be a thief
  • 9 Remove, or Demote people for multiple rule breaking but be unbiased against all(sometimes you gotta make hard choices)

Inactive Gm's (not counted for positions)

  • Syrikon
  • Battleknights
  • Blobycool

Solarupt's recipe list:


If you want to join ask recruiters

Normally updated by Solarupt, made by Colonelcrow

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