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Welcome to the Clockwork Bandits Wiki page.

Basic info

Clockwork Bandits
GuildLogo-Clockwork Bandits.jpg

"Behind this gun there is a blade"

Guild Founder: XaosXaos
Approx. Population: 20 MAX
Guild Master(s):
  • XaosXoas

Website: N\A

This guild was created by "XaosXaos" with lots of help from "SkillKnightB"

The Clockwork Bandits are a group of Spiral Knights that dress as bandits and live to fight, With out fighting they lose there will to live.

To get in

Getting into this guild is not easy first you must contact one of the Guild masters and you must tell them you would like to join. Then you will go into the clockworks using any gate of your choice then they will watch you fight your way through depending on how far down you go and how many times you die will the Guild master invite you to join.

Once you are in you will have at least one week to buy the following items.

Helms: Gunslinger Hat or Sunset Stetson

Armor: Gunslinger Sash or Sunset Duster or Wolver Coat or Dusker Coat

If these items are not bought within that timeline you will be kicked

Note: you must be 15+ to be invited Exceptions can be made

Dress code:

You are able to wear other armor as your main but this has to be set as your costume armor. Must pick one from each category Helms:

Gunslinger Hat

Sunset Stetson

Deadshot Chapeau

Justifier Hat

Nameless Hat

Shadowsun Stetson


Gunslinger Sash

Sunset Duster

Deadshot Mantle

Justifier Jacket

Nameless Poncho

Shadowsun Slicker

Wolver Coat

Dusker Coat

Ash Tail Coat

Sword: Any

Shield: Any

Gun: Any

Bomb: Any

These are preferred so we can live up to the bandit looks

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