Clockwork Runners (Guild)

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Clockwork Runners
File:GuildLogo-Clockwork Runners.png

We own the Clockworks, We run the Clockworks

Guild Founder: Charlietrooper
Approx. Population: 40
Guild Master(s):


Guild Officer(s):

Dicarus, Ikemeteor, Ryanknight, yukis

Guild Rules

These are the rules you need to follow, if you dont follow these you might be demoted or kicked.(except rule number 3 but you still need to have fun!)

1.No begging.

2.No swearing, we do not want people in this guild swearing, this can lead to demotion or you can be kicked out.

3.Another rule is to have fun!


When you join Clockwork Runners you will stay recruit for a week and then you shall be promoted to a member.

To get promoted, you will first have a test with a GM or officer they will take you on a tier 2 run to the terminal there they will tell you what you need to get to your next rank.

First of all you need a 4 star Weapon, Helm, Armor or shield to become a veteran.

For officer you will need a 5 star Weapon, Helm, Armor, or Shield.

Guild Alliance

On Monday 19th December 2011, Clockwork Runners formed its first guild alliance Reign of Fire managed by the Guild Master and Founder: Theoncomingfire

How To Join

to join you need to contact a GM or officer.

(our GM'S and officers you can see on the Guild Registry, you can ask a member, recruit or a veteran too they will tell us your name and then we will invite you)

Guild Registry

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