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We don't take what we want, We must earn them

Guild Founder: Ashkachu
Approx. Population: 4/100

About Clutchers

Clutchers is founded by Ashkachu, A well known knight in Spiral Knights. Some players are confused with the word "Clutchers" In Ashkachu's point of view, Clutchers means that you can handle any situations like soloing hard bosses and not dying. Clutchers aims to recruit players who can survive in any situation, offering Help to fellow Guild Members, and being cooperative to the guild.


Ashkachu is an active knight and he sees alot of players who are fitted to the guild but there are rules on how to be Recruited:

1. Be polite

2. Nice enough to offer help

3. Able to Clutch in missions

4. Moderately good at Lockdown

Rules and Regulations

There are rules in this guild:

1. Storage and Mist Well abuse will automatically kick you out of the guild

2. Do not be rude to fellow Clutchers

3. Do not ask promotions from Officers or the Guild Master but you may ask for the Rank tests

4. Be active, patient, and mature

5. Do no Scam


Rank Tests

For you to achieve Higher ranks like Veterans, and Officers, You must partake of these tests:

Recruit to Member:

- Being Active and being Loyal to the Guild

Member to Veteran:

- Solo Jelly King with less amounts of deaths

- Solo Roarmulus Twins with less amounts of deaths

- Solo Return of Ur with less amounts of deaths

Veteran to Officer:

- Solo The Gauntlet

- Solo Vanaduke

- Must be Tier 3

- Able to kill your Guild Master in major amounts of times in Lockdown (Considered about 5-10 Times)

Officer to Guild Master: (VERY HARD) Even Ashkachu can't do all this

- Solo All Missions

- Solo All Danger Missions

- Solo All Shadow Lairs

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