Cobalt Z Knights (Guild)

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Cobalt Z Knights
GuildLogo-Cobalt Z Knights.png

Have fun while playing and no hating.

Guild Founder: Valkerix
Approx. Population: 20
Guild Master(s):
  • Valkerix
  • Zackaryy
  • Royal-Serpent
Guild Officer(s):
  • Bluetrics
  • Bobyass
  • Captainhory


We are a guild that focuses on helping each other and having fun. We discourage cursing and putting down other people. We prefer to instead be friendly or helpful.


Ranking is based on what prestige rank you are. (Squire, knight, knight elite, etc.) Recruit rank doesn't exist in this guild. Veteran rank is achieved at Knight prestige rank. Officer rank is acquired at the rank of Knight Elite. Only trusted people are guild masters. (These restrictions don't apply to the people i chose to help run the guild.)

Regards, Valkerix

Requirements to Join

Absolutely nothing. We accept everyone. Newcomers to the game, or pros that have been playing since the Beta stages.

What Makes us Special

Again, absolutely nothing. We are no better than the other guilds. We are just plainly us.

What is the cobalt for?

The Cobalt armor series is my personal favorite. However, I do not force people to wear Cobalt. i know some people who hate for not wearing say Wolver series armor. Or Salamander armor.

What the Z is For

The Z in our name is for the Greek letter Zeta. This is my favorite Greek letter It also features in the name of my clan in a different game as well.


The Gallery

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