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Fight with flames in our hearts

Guild Founder: CheeriOz
Approx. Population: # 10
Guild Master(s):
  • CheeriOz (Primary)
Guild Officer(s):
  • Octa-Varium (1st Rank)

About CombusteriOz

CombusteriOz is a small guild where player hangs out and play for fun, it is owned by Guild Master and also Founder CheeriOz and was founded in September 30th 2012.

Joining CombusteriOz

Straight up ask Guild Master or Officer, we are now recruiting must be Semi 2 stars or higher!


  • 1.No begging
  • 2.No Spamming chat
  • 3.Respect others
  • 4.Ask before you send invites
  • 5.Mature is the best way to go
  • 6.Only Guild Master and Officer can host Event and Contest
  • 7.Just have fun that's it

Guild Ranking System

Guild Roster

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