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Be sure to read through this and the Terms of Service, since these are the terms you agree to by logging into the game. They are the rules of the game and breaking them can get you in trouble or even result in getting banned from the game.

The Community Standards, or Knights' Code of Conduct, is a plain English explanation of the Terms of Service and outlines the kinds of behavior that are acceptable in Spiral Knights and the ones which are not. The four most important rules are:

  • Have Fun!
  • Respect your fellow knights!
  • Be sensible! (Don't give out your login information)
  • Keep it clean!

If you keep these four things in mind, we're sure you'll have a great time. If you need to know more, read on!

Behaving and Misbehaving

The most important part of Terms of Service relate to behavior: Common sense, consideration, and reasonable behavior are expected in the game. Together, they make Spiral Knights an enjoyable game for everyone. When a complaint is received about a knight who is behaving badly, a Game Master will resolve the situation as they deem appropriate for the good of the community.

Scamming and Stealing

Don't take what's not yours! - Stealing is defined as taking the in-game property of another knight without the knowledge and permission of that knight. Scamming is stealing from another knight through misrepresentation - examples would be stating that an item can make you invincible, impersonating an administrator or tricking another knight into giving out items or account information.

Stealing will often involve logging in someone else's account. One way to prevent theft is to choose a strong password and to never share your account information with anyone. Read the section about account security below to find out how you can protect your account. Regardless of the form they take, stealing and scamming are against the rules and are very likely to result in an account being banned from the game.


Play nice! - There is no place in Spiral Knights for deliberately harassing other knights, either by being offensive, by 'stalking' them, sending repeated requests or chat messages or in any other form.

Swearing and Inappropriate Content

Keep it clean! - Using or linking to vulgar, obscene or offensive language or material is considered swearing. This includes any racial, sexual, unlawful, religious slurs, insults or other deliberately offensive remarks directed at another knight. While there is a chat filter present in the game, this does not excuse offensive language or behavior. Misspelling or mis-spacing words to get around the filter will be treated as swearing and dealt with accordingly.

Foul language used outside the chat, for example in knight names, guild names, on the forums or elsewhere is likewise not acceptable.

Exploits and Abuse of Bugs

Do not abuse broken game mechanics! - Sometimes bugs or oversights in the game design may occur. An example would be a situation that allowed a knight to generate free money within the game. If a bug is found, you are expected to report it immediately and not take advantage of it. Exploiting, publicizing or encouraging others to exploit bugs, design oversights or other issues is not acceptable.


Don't spam! - Use the chat client sensibly, just like you would when talking to someone in person. Spamming is defined as repeatedly sending letters, messages or nonsense in a way that makes it difficult for other knights to communicate. Spamming is not acceptable in any form.

Account Security

Keep your account safe! - No one except you should ever know your password or have access to your account. It is forbidden to share passwords or accounts, grant someone else access to your account or access another knight's account. You are responsible for the security of your account data and are likewise responsible for everything that happens on your account, including rule violations of any sort. Game Masters and other Three Rings employees will never ask for, or need, your password. You can find more information on how to protect your account in this article about account security.

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