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Veni, vidi, vici.

Guild Founder: Thatmudkipguy
Approx. Population: 22
Guild Master(s):
  • Thatmudkipguy (on hiatus)
  • Blueknighter
  • Sir-Hitman (on hiatus)
  • Atomicblaster
  • Jayyng
  • The-Toaster
  • Blinkblank
Guild Officer(s):
  • N/A


The guild of Conquest was created on 3/01/12. The Guild Masters were on an extended hiatus but have now returned to reopen to the public! Conquest is recruiting right now and is open to everyone! We are looking to recruit mature players of all tiers. Skill does not matter in our guild. We focus on being a mainly social friendly guild. We are also interested in having PvP matches if possible. If any of the rules at the bottom of this page are too much for you to follow, then this is not the guild for you.


The guild is open to anyone interested. The guild only denies membership to players who the Guild Masters and Officers feel would unbalance the force.

Guild Promotions

Rank promotions are based according to the following model:

Recruit: Any incomer will automatically receive Recruit status the moment they join the guild.

Member: Recruits must prove their loyalty to the guild to be promoted to Member. One can do so by donating to the Guild Treasury/Storage, doing runs with guild Members, and becoming social with the guild.

Veteran: Ask your fellow Guild Masters for the Veteran test, but you must be a Member in the guild for at least a month.

Officer: This status is given to knights who Guild Masters feel would make great leaders. Skill, game knowledge, and a great personality are must haves for this rank.

Guild Master: Must exceed the expectations of an Officer. The Guild Masters must consult on this, since it is a very important rank.


Here are the guild rules:

1. No begging for anything.

2. Ask before you join any party.

3. Be polite to other members.

4. Don't scam other members.

5. Donations for the Guild treasury are not mandatory, but they are appreciated. (Tip: Donating to the treasury gives us a better reason to promote you!)

6. Don't change the Guild message.

7. Act mature in and out of the guild.

8. Don't spam.

9. Do not abuse of the Guild Storage.

If a guild member repeatedly violates any of these rules, Officers and Guild Masters will discuss your case, and removal from the guild could happen.

Please do report any violations that go on in the guild to one of your fellow Officers or Guild Masters. This guild tries it's best to maintain it's peaceful harmonious environment.

How to Join

Wish to join this guild? Simply send a message to Blueknighter or any of the other Guild Masters and Officers. You do not need to put any information regarding your gear, playtime, age, etc.; just a simple sentence telling us why you wish to join this guild. You should receive a reply ASAP regarding whether or not you have been accepted.

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