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Squires today, vanguards tommorow

Guild Founder: Isaac-Poy
Approx. Population: 30


We are all about Helping younger knights to rank up, get weapons and gear, try out coliseum, do missions that seems hard, or even just for company and fellowship.


Warning, this guild is very new, very small, and very lame, dont join if u dont like that.

Pointless button


what a Corvette really is


Derp: um hi?

Hueh: How are u?

Derp: umm fine? wait how did I get here

Hueh: doesnt matter

Derp: huh?

Hueh: huehuehuehuehue

Derp: Noooo!!!

How to join?

to join, mail Isaac-Poy "potato" to ask questions, mail Isaac "Tomato <question>"

this page

this page is a not well thought out, so Corvette members pls help by contributing


U can donate how much u want, when u want, u dont have to if u dont want to, but atleast try


Dont be a jerk, Dont be a beggar, dont be rude, dont recommend people our guild when they already have one unless they say they are unhappy with theirs. Dont take stuff out of the storage without permission (we dont have one yet), Dont ruin other peoples relationships (I was a victim), dont be rude or offend others, if u did, even if u didnt mean to, apologise.

Not done yet

Im not done editing, ya...there will be changes in the future.

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