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Hail Satin

Guild Founder: Divineblackbat
Approx. Population: 42
Guild Master(s):
  • Divineblackbat
  • Arzeron
  • Lordonar

About Us

Cosmicism is a guild of friendly and active knights who are (if not low on energy) always ready to help those who are in a jam in missions, or simply want to clear the arcade. Knights in our guild will not be seen as a rank or just another member, the knights of Cosmicism are considered to be one big family!!

Cosmicism's guild hall is open to the public and members are encouraged to invite friends, either guildless or otherwise, into the hall in order to chat or just hang out.


We are constantly looking for knights to bring into Cosmicism. In order to be considered for recruitment, you must be active, friendly, and generally courteous. Gremlins are also accepted!

In order to discuss recruitment, contact Divineblackbat, Lordonar, or Arzeron.


There are several rules all members of the guild must follow. The rules are include:

- Donations: Although not heavily enforced, donations of crowns to the treasury are expected of all members not only for guild upkeep but for possible expansion.

- NO begging (Punishment: Demotion or removal if demotion not possible)

- NO spamming guild chat (Punishment: Demotion or removal if repeated offenses)

- NO picking on other members (unless, of course, we're all just goofing around) (Punishment: Demotion or removal if repeated offenses)

- NO overuse of the mist well. Although the service is provided to all members, a healthy donation is expected if one wishes to retain privileges. NOTE: The Mist Well has been sealed off due to abuse.


In order to be promoted in Cosmicism you must meet several requirements.

Recruit: Recruit is the initial rank, and promotion is (generally) automatic after a day of membership.

Member: Member makes up the base rank - no effort is required in order to achieve this rank.

Veteran: Veterans tends to have equipment of 4-star or higher, and is an active participant in the guild. Veteran donations, due to equipment, are expected to be more generous than the expectation of a regular member.

Officer: Officers are assigned by the GM's. These are done solely by the GM's discretion and there is no gear requirement. However, officers hold seniority according to their gear level. Officers are responsible for recruitment, as well as higher donations to the treasury and maintaining the mist well.

Guild Master: Guild Masters must be elected by a majority of the current Guild Masters. Must show exemplary dedication to the guild, respect for its members, and have an overall fun-loving attitude. Devilites are not eligible for Guild Master rank.

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