Crazy Wolferss (Guild)

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Crazy Wolferss
GuildLogo-Crazy Wolferss.png

We go CRAZY when it comes to Wolvers!

Guild Founder: Futurebomber Jason-Is-Cool
Approx. Population: 95
Guild Master(s):
  • Futurebomber
  • Jacktr
  • Jason-Is-Cool
  • Turkx
  • Jhons
  • Supermind (Futurebomber's cousin)
  • Angela-Aa
Guild Officer(s):
  • Iode
  • Kingsantos
  • Reisse
  • Waterrfrrvb
  • Kruzfarhenlmatros

About Us

The Crazy Wolferss guild is a friendly all Tier guild. We speak English completely (Except for Jediel- he has something wrong with his keyboard so he kinda types like this: Squablefunk). We are a friendly guild and we always welcome new members! And even if you just started playing are still a worthy member to US! YES YOU! So join our community today!


Getting recruited in Crazy Wolferss is easy as 1-2-3! Contact one of our guild masters or officers to join! But we do have some requirements. '



Knights of Crazy Wolferss

Things to do in our guild


Furniture-Zombie Bellhop icon.pngSay cheese!!! :D


I actually have no idea how to do this screenshot posting thing, feel free to put some in yourselves,guildies!!! -.-" i had time to do 2!!!BUT WE NEED MORE,MORE,MORE!!!

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