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Creature Nation
File:GuildLogo-Creature Nation.png

We are the Creatures of the Night

Guild Founder: Infernonova
Approx. Population: 14
Guild Master(s):
  • Infernonova
  • Razzordragon
  • Xeno-Soldier
  • Platipie
  • Spiral-Knight-Kid
Guild Officer(s):
  • Rider-Dragon
  • Infernowave
  • Photonwave
  • Suffercor
  • Awesoumpanda
  • Tactical-Bacon

History We don't really have a history all I know is we're big fans of The Creatures on Youtube...

Recruitment To join Creature Nation contact a Guild Master.


  • If your inactive for 1 month you get kicked out unless u tell the Guild Masters for your inactiveness
  • No hacking
  • No begging for crowns
  • Be nice to fellow knights
  • No asking Guild Masters for promotions


Ranking Up (Tests are spectated by a Guild Master)

Recruit: You get this rank when you join.

Member: You will be tested if you can beat the Tier 1 Boss Snarbolax.

Veteran: You will be tested if you can beat Tier 2 Bosses The Royal Jelly and Roarmulus Twins.

Officer: You will be tested if u can beat Tier 3 Boss Lord Vanaduke.

Guild Master This rank you will be tested by the Guild Master(s) in what ever way they want you to and if they trust you enough with the rank

Made by Spiral-Knight-Kid and Infernonova

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