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Credibility Problems
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You win some, we lose some

Guild Founder: Meeji
Approx. Population: 126

"So what if we’ve got credibility problems? So what if, at the grand meeting of the guilds, our guild turned up late, hair dishevelled, shirt on backwards and unaware of the four letter obscenity scrawled on his forehead? The point is we don’t take the game too seriously. We’re in it for the craic."

Guild Summary

So, you're looking for an organised, impressive guild filled with lots of serious players? You like guilds where the Guild Masters are Lockdown pros, and anyone with less than 5* equipment is kicked to the curb? Oh. I'm sorry, I think you've come to the wrong place.

Credibility Problems is a fun, light-hearted and friendly guild for players of all ages and abilities! We don’t require anything as vulgar as skill or high tier equipment from our membership, just the ability to form borderline coherent sentences and to take a joke.


We have a (as far as I know) uniquely Anarchistic style of self-governance. Being in charge sounds very much like hard work to most of us, so we're instigating a complete lack-of-heirarchy. What does that mean, you ask? Well settle down and let me tell you! So demanding. Jeez. It means promotions come fast. Very fast. Officially we have no rules and no leaders. No-one is answerable to anyone else. We prefer to believe everyone is trustworthy and demote them if they aren't, rather than forcing every member to prove their undying devotion to what is, after all, a group of people in a silly game on the Internet, before giving them Officer status. As such anything you read here or anywhere else is subject to change at the will of the collective.

Reasons to join us

Basically, we can offer you (yes, YOU)...

  • A lighthearted and carefree attitude towards the game.
  • No matter how many members we get, we retain that small guild mentality - whatever that might be.
  • Friendly and welcoming towards players of all skill levels.
  • No leaders and no rules, really, who can be bothered with that sort of thing? Everybody gets as much power as he or she can be trusted not to abuse, and in some cases just a smidge more.
  • We realise an online game is sometimes not the most important thing in your life, and leaves of absence can and will occur. We will not kick absent members unless it is completely necessary in order to let in new blood.
  • Free cake (Terms and Conditions apply)

Rules (sort of)

Well, they're not rules as such. More sort of guidelines. But still, we recommend:

  • Not being a complete douchenozzle, or else you will most likely get on the wrong side of someone wielding a mighty banhammer.
  • Not spending the money in the treasury if there isn't enough to pay the upkeep.
  • Being a bad-ass mother like all our other members (especially Elizawub and Galack a.k.a the Cool Crew)

How to join

If we sound like your kind of jam, all you have to do is ask! There are a number of ways you can do so;

  • Leave a comment on our forum thread
  • Contact a GM or any member of Credibility Problems in-game.
  • Perform a dark ritual to send us a message across the astral plane (not advised).
  • Open the nearest window and scream "I WANT CREDIBILITY PROBLEMS TOO" at passersby until one of our friendly recruitment officers arrives to accept your application.

For any other queries about joining the guild, leave us a forum comment or message one of us! :>


We currently have over 100 members, with open slots going fast. Most members are at Officer level or above so can recruit you if that's what you want (it is). The peeps below are regularly online so fire any one of us a message or something:

  • Meeji
  • Elizawub
  • Galack
  • Illumi
  • Waffle-bunny
  • Fehzor
  • Shadowstaar

Or any other number of GMs/Officers we have, which a (maybe) up-to-date list can be found here.

IRC Chat Room

We have a chat room! Depending on your level of geekiness you can reach it either by clicking this link or by pointing your IRC client of choice at #credibilityproblems on Quakenet.

Steam Group

Good gravy, we even have a Steam group! Is there anything this guild doesn't have? Well yes. Many, many things. But at least now a Steam group isn't one of them. All are welcome, including non-members of the guild.

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