Crimson Fang (Guild)

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Crimson Fang
File:GuildLogo-Crimson Fang.png

To Be Decided

Guild Founder: FounderName
Approx. Population: 36
Guild Master(s):

Bluee-Girl and Cardinal-Kirin

Guild Officer(s):

Madthekiller and Skullbombing

About Our Guild

Crimson's Rules


The foundation of any guild's success is recruitment. Without recruitment a guild has fewer members which means lower capital and guild popularity. We have no recruitment cap as mass recruitment increases capital and then those who don't fit in or help the guild in any way can be removed from the guild to siphon down the numbers.


General Behaviour

All of Crimson's members will be expected to keep foul language to a minimum and any insulting language is strictly prohibited. Remember that just because you don't find something offensive, doesn't mean others don't. Be 100% sure that what you say doesn't harm anyone before you say it. If someone in Crimson above you tells you to do something then do it (yes, this does include jumping cliffs). Respecting and adhering to those above you (is that the right word?) is important and those who don't will have their faces metaphorically ripped from their skulls and fed to them through a tube in their ripped off nostril.

The 9 Crimson 'C's

If you want to catch the eye of the Guild Masters, following these 9 rules is the best way!

Guild Chat

If you want to send messages to the rest of the guild, just click edit and send your message, followed by your name. Posts from non-guildees will be removed (me being an exception 'cos I'm probably gonna be the one keeping an eye on it and removing the posts anyways). Also, Kirin, edit the parts on this page where you left me undecipherable information. -:- Prop

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