Crimson Lancers (Guild)

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Crimson Lancers
GuildLogo-Crimson Lancers.png

"Control. Eradicate. Triumph."

Guild Founder: Mgaug, Italia, Rekks
Approx. Population: 10
Guild Master(s):
  • Mgaug
  • Italia
  • Rekks

So The Lancers and I (Rekks) have been away for awhile, doing other things and the game just got away from us. But were back, and the guild is beginning to rebuild! As always if you have any interest PM any of us and we'll run with you!

Guild Summary:

"The only order a Lancer disobeys, is the one to retreat. Never retreat, never surrender."

Right now the Guild is mainly just composed of Rekks, Italia, Mguag, and Ad-Noctum, and Ad-Lumen, with a few trainees every now and again.

The Lancers are together for the sole reason of having a way to be together. This guild started with three friends who love the game Borderlands and decided to honor that love with our name, the Crimson Lancers. Any tier, any time. Ask a guild master and they can more than likely help you on a mission.

How to Join

Wait, really? You want to join? WHY?! WHO ARE YOU!?

I mean if you are serious... Find one of us or send us an in game message and we will take you down on few runs with us. If we feel like you are chill and not going to be annoying we will send you an invite. Oh and if you are helpful. That too.

All members should be able to help each other out, that is the most important thing. If you are selfish, you do not belong. We do not discrimainate on members. New to Spiral Knights? Cool! We can help you out! You are a Vet on Spiral Knights? Also cool! Maybe you can help us out, and we sure will help you!


So you got in the guild huh? This is how to get promoted:

Recruits: Oh you got invited in!? Good for ya'!

Members: You have been around for a few days and you seem pretty solid.

Veterans: You have been around for a week or more. You actually hang out with the guild and help everyone out.

Officers: Usually reserved for Knights we know personally. You are deserving of this title. Way to be kid.


1. Do not be annoying.

2. Don't beg. If we want to share something we will. You can ask once.

3. Did I say don't be annoying? Well don't.

4. You can make fun of Mgaug. He is a goon. Just don't hurt his feelings, he is sensitive.

5. We will make fun of you, it only means we are starting to respect you. Except Mgaug. We don't respect him.

6. Rekks is not wearing a man dress. End of story.

7. You will be given a nickname. We like nicknames, and knowing the SK community your name is probably really obnoxious to type. So to all you Backwardspantyhose7872up users... Be prepared to get a nickname. And also be ridiculed for you ridiculous nickname.

8. If anything bad happens, it is usually Mgaugs fault.

9. Don't expect to have a conversation with Italia. Just.. Don't.

10. If you expect Rekks to shut up... Again, just don't. He makes up for all the talking Italia doesn't do.

11. Profanity? It happens. People get upset. If you are offended by this, then our guild probably isn't for you. (Yes we mean when it looks fun #%^$ that.)

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