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Crown Clown
File:GuildLogo-Crown Clown.jpg

Follow what you think is right and it will work out someday

Guild Founder: Cpt Jack Sparrow
Approx. Population: 1
Guild Master(s):


Guild Officer(s):


Notable Members

Valgaavfeng(GM) , Delawynn(officer), Frezix(officer),Light-Zero(officer)


When The Crown Clown was created it was just for show and only had me inside , then one day someone told me that Crown Clown was actually something in an anime called D. Gray Man . So since some guy wanted to join the guild so i though why not and sent invitations to friends. However not long after that i started playing a lot and tf2 and Skyrim. When i was back to Spiral Knights most of the guild was desterted , gone and disbanded leaving some inactive Knights...However the guild would be restored some time later as soon as the fundamentals are laid

Joining The Guild

Anyone that has the guts and glory to lead the guild can message Cpt-jack-sparrow to own the guild!

Here is my steam page link if you cant find me in-game and have a steam account : [1]

Some Standing Rules

I really hate having rules but there must be something to maintain order in the guild

1.No begging , i dont think anyone can stand begging.Besides all members should be able tget thier own crowns and energy

2.Do not spam the guild chat , i trust we all know what is spam and what is not

3.Don't disturb other guildmates , a little message for help once or twice won't hurt but if the answer is no then it's NO

4.Do not make a fool of yourself under the guild's name , if you are some big time joker then this guild is not for you

5.Have Fun ,yes the main rule is to have fun , it's a game , have fun playing it!

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