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Lordo's limbs will always be crunchy. (Special credit to Ziruro for guild emblem)

Guild Founder: Imbatmanz and Haloti
Approx. Population: ~26
Guild Master(s):

Moku-Niho, Lordofdragons, and Haloti

Guild Officer(s):

Archfiends, Quantsr, Vashliach, and Marluna

Message Board

Let's all go turn Quan into stew! ~Archfiends

Haloti returns to Spiral Knights! Welcome back! 5.1.15

Founding & Summary

It was a perilous task. Haloti entered the bathroom stall.

"Ugh! It smells terrible in here!" Haloti cried out.

"It is the only way... For if we do not, the world will be doomed!" Batmanz replied speedily, yet ominously.

Together, they pressed down the toilet's flush mechanism and a flash of light covered the room. And thus, the guild, Cryptic was established in the summer of 2014.

This guild features frequent players of Blast Network who have a great time playing the game as well as dominating every opponent in their vicinity. (Excluding Random Teams, of course! c:)


  • Respect each other. Do not wage flame wars against each other! People doing so may be kicked out or demoted in the guild.
  • Stickybombing is strictly prohibited. Anyone caught intentionally doing it towards others can be immediately expelled of the guild. Stickbombing, or as Ziruro calls it "being glued to a bomb," is an exploit that involves placing a bomb on a tile where another knight is standing, hindering movement and forcing a death. This is because of a glitch that OOO has not fixed yet and can easily be abused.
  • AFK killing must be shunned against. AFK killing is the act of intentionally attacking someone who is away from keyboard. By feeding on an idle figure, one can obtain points in a much speedier fashion. This act is rude and should always be avoided.


Guild Masters are gods. Don't mess with em.

  • They get to choose how to elect the next GM if they are quitting.
  • Supreme god and lord of the guild. They have magical powers and usually graduate from Hogwarts
  • Can choose what to spend guild funds on
  • Pick which veterans get to become officers

Officers are pillows. They are very fluffy and cuddly, especially on Tuesdays.

  • Officers get to invite others to the guild (Along with GM's)
  • Watch the auction house when bored
  • Sort of like mini-GMs. They're very short, half the height of a GM
  • Stalk the GM's
  • Obtain the useless materials in officer storage.

Veterans taste salty.

  • You get access to the veteran storage. Yaaaaaaaaayyyyy!
  • One can elevate to Veteran after a long period of time being in the guild. (This happens randomly, and depends on what day of the week it is, night or day, or favorite type of food. Also must be active enough.)

Members are actually bald, but they wear wigs.

  • Ability to go to the member storage, which has most of the materials. (If they haven't been eaten by Archfiends)
  • Become member after being in guild for 2 days! Or if you are a Pro BN Player then you get promoted immediately~

Guild Members



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