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livin' the crystallife!

Guild Founder: Weezyxbaby
Approx. Population: 80~
Guild Master(s):
  • Mithrall
Guild Officer(s):
  • Aero-Naut
  • Bellatina
  • Weezyxwaka


  • 12/6/12 - Creation of Guild wikipage and upload of logo!
  • 11/1/12 - Guild founding.


We're a hearty guild and we love our members. Crystalline is a mainly social guild and our goal is to create a friendly and comfortable environment for both newer and experienced players.

This guild was created by the guildmaster and friends collectively. We just want to have fun, so join us.


Send a message or tell to Mithrall or Bellatina and you'll be invited as soon as possible.
In the message, it is not required, but highly recommended that you include any of the following:
- How you found our guild and why you want to join.
- Any previous guilds or positions.
- Your tier and what mission you are on.
- Any skills or specialties.
- Anything useful you can provide with the guild.
- Anything you'd feel like the guild or officers should know!

Also, you can have other people invited by just sending a message our way.


1. Be respectful of all members. Don't take advantage or be hurtful to anyone.
2. No begging of any kind.
3. Have fun and be active!
  • Inactivity 'without' notice is subject to removal of your character from our guild. Re-entry is possible but situational.


Recruit Upon joining the guild, you are a recruit for a pending amount of time until we can see that you're active or dedicated.
Member This is when you become an official member of Crystalline. This promotion comes with a set of standard guild armor. Activity and socialness is expected.
Veteran To become promoted to this rank you may either be renting a room or inquire about our official requirements. Note that there is a test, but it issubject to change.
Officer This position contains heavy responsibility and entitles you with great power in a guild, however, aquirement of this rank is obtained through commitment, backed up by trust.


We are currently in the process of creating weekly guild events that will hopefully encourage competition and chatter among our members.
Our ideas range from in-game, out-of-game, and week-long events, which will be posted on the guild website.

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