Cydonian Knights (Guild)

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Cydonian Knights

"Others before you, unless you're on fire."

Guild Founder: FounderName
Approx. Population: 200+


About us

Veteran guild and still growing super fast thanks to our recruiters, expanding fast our guild hall, and doing very well!!

  • We are about helping each other, and raising everyone up, We love new members, and new players, and we hope we keep to succeed in SK
  • We are ran by multiple Branches we call "Orders" each "Order" is ran by a Officer or a GM

Promotion Requirements

  • Recruit: Brand new to the guild.
  • Member: Once we get to know you, you officially become a member
  • Veteran: Trusted Active
  • Officer: Super Trusted Active with Leadership Skills, or a Contribution to guild
  • Gm: Top Rank, only given to the select few and most loyal!


  • 1. Be Kind, and Respectful to everyone
  • 2. Treat others how you want to be treated
  • 3. Donate to guild at will
  • 4. Help others in the guild
  • 5. Don't mock other members
  • 6. Respect higher ranks orders
  • 7.No using Mist Well without putting some in!


  • PvP- Head: Dead-Walker
    • PvP Explained- PvP Branch is our Person Vs Person branch that does Lockdown, and Blast Network
  • PvE- Head: Ecliptictlegend
    • PvE Explained- PvE Branch is our Person Vs Environment branch that does Runs, and Missons, and helps teach members how to do it
  • Technical Department- Head: Dead-Walker
    • Tech. Explained- Tech. Branch is our Tech. Team, They handle the Wiki, Website, and Forum work as well as Hall Updating
  • Supervision- Head: Dr-Yokushu
    • Supervision Explained- Supervsion Branch handles Supervising the guild and keeping it going, Including dropping the Upkeep in the hall if the members dont pull it
  • Member Management- Head: Therealest
    • MM Explained- This handles Most Promotions, and keeping the rules followed on chat, and during obvious times
  • Security- Head: Warpsen
    • Security Explained- This handles Keeping us from multiple problems like, Being ripped off, hacked destroying ranks, dude stealing ce, ect..

Breaking News!

    • Ceremonies will be held for any promotions
  • New Wiki, Website, and Forum Updates

Made by Mysterycrow for Cydonian Knights

Now being updated by Bahayk

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