Daemon Knights (Guild)

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Daemon Knights
File:GuildLogo-Daemon Knights.png

Hello Friend!

Guild Founder: EbonyPhoenix and Kelsek
Approx. Population: 2
Guild Master(s):
  • Ebonyphoenix
  • Kelsek

The Daemon Knights are a new guild of 2 currently, their goal is to have fun and enjoy the leveling grind. There are currently no level or kit restrictions in place as we see this as a group for people who are just after a bit of downtime fun.

The 2 Guildmasters are Ebonyphoenix and Kelsek who both being from the UK are looking for players within a simillar time zone to assist in quests and arcade adventures. Though players from different time zones are welcome but maybe won't see much of their GM's.

If you want to join a friendly new group please deposit 1 mil crowns into Ebonyphoenix's bank acco.... what ok Kelsek! Just in game message Ebonyphoenix with any details you feel relevent but please include time zone and play style so we can get an idea of what our Guild mates excel at.

Email Daemon_knights@hotmail.co.uk

Twitter account for Daemon Knights [1]

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