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Mottos are for losers

Guild Founder: Vermeh, Beranter
Approx. Population: 20
Guild Master(s):

Beranter, Vermeh

Guild Officer(s):

Nikotheblue, Vileanor, Dragonborz

Guild Roster

Guild Masters




Vileanor, Dragonborz


None at this time


Driftan, Laughingmaniac, Dreuss, Ace-Braver, Darkroboticen, Ghoul-Akuma


Ninjalock, Rennyy, Furno-Xe, The-Dragon-Lordd, Leeyo, Leluce, Johanjasman, Ashtherash

About us

This guild was created by Vermeh and Beranter, when the game first started, making it one of the oldest guilds. The guild was formed because Vermeh and Berater prefer to play with other people, rather than alone, and being part of a team is cooler. The name Dandies is in honer of their lifestyle, they are Dandies! The coolest of the coolest. We aren't a "hardcore" guild, we're like a family, so you wont be treated like a number, you'll be treated like family.


The ranking system is based off of a very simple idea: the more of a good member you are, the more likely you'll get promoted!


There are not any spacific rules, if you want to be a dandy you have to be kind to the other members, and be active in the game. If you steal from the guild treasury, or you scam a guild member, you will be kicked. If you are inactive for a long time you will be demoted. If you abuse your power, you will be kicked or demoted based on the severity of the abuse.

How to Join

Joining is pretty easy: you just have to be Tier 2. A three star equip is recommended.


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