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Dark Coalition
File:GuildLogo-Dark Coalition.png

Where knights come together in times of darkness and light! (Guild Logo coming soon)

Guild Founder: Dragon-Mage & Lord-Jake
Approx. Population: 50 and growing
Guild Master(s):


Guild Officer(s):

Bashdashbash, Black-Windx, Coeus, Krowtis

Website: http://darkcoalition.shivtr.com/

Dark Coalition Summary

Welcome to Dark Coalition's wiki page! We are a very fun filled, chill guild that plays various Guild Lockdown matches and runs of all kinds! We are a T2-T3 guild. We dont intend on being the best guild to ever play SK, but we want to have fun and have each others back as a guild, for in those times of darkness and light we will need friends to help us along the way and that's where we come in! If you are interested in joining us, mail me, Tetrim, in game for more info!

Guild History

Two friends who met through another friend realized how fun it would be to make a guild, but we were only noobs then. We worked hard and Dragon-Mage became the first five star knight out of the two of us, but i, Lord-Jake, worked hard to overcome my hardships and become five star as well. We then became even better friends because we played all the time together and decided that one day we would make an amazing guild. That day has come and we are now proud leaders of Dark Coalition!

Guild Rules

  • Respect Other Members!
  • We ask for crowns, but not mandatory.
  • Do not beg for crowns, crystal energy, or items. Asking for mats is ok.
  • Don't randomly invite someone, ask before you invite. Unless you are dead.
  • HAVE FUN!!!!!!

Promotion Rules

  • Member - As soon as you are recruited into Dark Coalition, you receive this rank.
  • Veteran - To become a Veteran in Dark Coalition, you must keep up with the guild's asking of crowns, you must be trusted and a person who doesn't cause problems, and you have had to be in the guild for at least a month, sometimes more sometimes less.
  • Officer - To be officer, you have to be one of the people who donate more than what is asked, you must be trusted among everyone in the guild, and you must be chosen by other Officers and Guild Masters.
  • Guild Master - Good luck. Very very few people will get this position for me to only choose one or two more as we grow. So i wouldn't join the guild planning on becoming one.

Guild Roster


  • Altosk
  • Immortal Life
  • Steel Wing
  • The Forerunners
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