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Dark Hearts
GuildLogo-Dark Hearts.png

The darkness within our hearts holds many secrets

Guild Founder: Alexdn
Approx. Population: 300
Guild Master(s):
  • Alexdn

Dark Hearts established 2012

About Us

Dark Hearts has developed into a large, popular and highly active guild which caters for skilled players. We offer a friendly and relaxed environment for members to improve equipment and skills, and to share various experiences with eachother. We do regular PvE boss runs and help fellow members in the completion of their missions etc. We also do Shadow Lair runs, as long as there are four guild members who are willing to split the cost of a Shadow Key. The guild was set up more for social reasons, however we do often participate in such things like guild vs guild lockdown as long as enough people want to take part. Memebers also enjoy searching random PvP together on both EU and USA servers in a bid to face off against eachother, previous events have included lockdown tournaments. We also have a Guild Steam page where members running the game through Steam can recieve regular updates on any upcoming Guild contests, giveaways and major events!

We are always looking to bring new members into our ranks, if you are considering joining please read all of the information below!

Guild Rules

We have some simple rules that should be followed to keep the guild good

1. Be respectful to other guild members. Solve any disputes outside of guild chat. If the dispute can’t be solved please contact me or an officer to help.

2. Don’t be greedy, be helpful. Help other guild mates out by offering stuff for free (e.g. materials) or at prices below the auction house/ market. Recipes should be sold at the same price as the Basil vendor. Obviously when trading with non-guild members try getting as much profit as you can!

3. People in the guild should be kind and generous to each other. However there should be NO begging or scamming of any sort taking place. Anything serious could lead to reports being made and being removed from the guild. Stealing large quantities of items/mats from the guild storage or attempting to steal energy in the Officer area is not tolerated – You will be removed without warning and you could get a ban. It’s not worth it, don't take the risk.

4. Guild events may be held and prizes given out. If you have any ideas for events and competitions and want to run them please feel free to share them. There are usually projects going on to improve our Guild hall- ask me for more details if you would like to know about the current project!

5. You are expected to make a donation to the guild treasury to help pay for the guild hall upkeep cost and any improvements. If you wish to pay for a few weeks in advance you must notify me. Who is donating is tracked and recorded weekly via a spreadsheet. Placing items in member/ veteran storage is at own risk. However you are encouraged to deposit your mats/items to help out other guildies!

6. Guild mates will be likely to be running all sorts of different runs. If you want to set up a run or join a run please ask first over the guild chat for party members or pm the person you want to join on to. Getting into parties normally doesn’t take much time or effort via the guild chat so please try and avoid invite spamming as some people can get annoyed by it.

WARNING: if you are inactive for around a month (and no reason is given) you WILL be removed from the guild. I regularly check for in-active members, usually at some point every month. Also guild chat can get a bit crazy sometimes so try keep this in mind!


To be invited into the guild you must contact the Guild Master (Alexdn) or one of the Guilds officers. To be sent an invite you must have atleast full 4 star gear. This is to simply ensure that new members entering the guild have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the game, as well as high enough level equipment to take part in the various runs and activities that take place. To stay in the guild is simple, you must not go inactive more than 1 month, you must not break the Guild rules that you must agree to before becoming member. In addition you must pay your weekly fees to help pay for the Guild Hall upkeep and any current furnishing/ expansion projects.

Guild Hall

We pride ourselves in showing off our large (full 5 floors) and stylish Guild Hall. We are constantly looking for ways to improve it and make it look even better. However to keep the Guild Hall open we must ensure that the treasury has the amount of crowns needed to pay for the weekly upkeep which is automatically deducted. To pay for this and any other projects that we are working on, for example Boss statue furnishings, everybody in the guild needs to pay a small donation each week. The amount reccomended to pay is based on rank and is listed below. However all members are encouraged to donate more than this if possible- it is very much appreciated and the crowns are put to good use. It is possible to pay for X number of weeks in advance- however if you intend to do this you must notify the Guild Master so that it can be recorded on our upkeep spreadsheet tracking system.

Weekly upkeep fees are as follows:

  • Recruit/Member: 1000 crowns/per week
  • Veteran: 1500 crowns/per week
  • Officer: 2500 crowns/per week

Guild Ranking System

  • Recruit: This is the rank automatically given when you accept an invite to join the Guild.
  • Member: Upon joining the Guild you will recieve mail containing the Guild Rules and all the other information listed on this wiki page. To rank up to member you must send a reply to the Guild Master Alexdn saying that you agree to follow them. Once this has been received and acknowledged you will be sent a promotion ticket saying that you will be promoted to a full member in a weeks time and a date will be given. Once this date is reached the Guild Master will promote you.
  • Veteran: In order to progress to 'Veteran' you must first hold the 'Member' rank. Veterans need to have full 5 star gear and atleast 2 weeks in the Guild before being promoted. It is often left up to the members to contact the Guild Master or an Officer to get them promoted if they believe they qualify for the rank. Upon being promoted additional information would be sent to you by the Guild Master.
  • Officer: We currently take 10 officers at a time to try and have atleast a few Officers on all the time in every time zone. To become an Officer you must first be a veteran. Should an officer vaccancy arise the Guild Master will send mail to all of the Veterans giving them the opportunity to apply for the position. To apply for the position a short paragraph should be written based around details that would be included in the mail.
  • Guild Master: The overall founder and Guild Master is Alexdn, all guild management and decisions are designed and run through him. No other members will be promoted to Guild Master. The Guild works on a feudal pyramid system, much like those used in medieval times. A sole GM at the top with the officers under the GM, the veterans under the officers and the members and recruits under them. The other Guild Master,Spoggal, is Alexdn's alt account. This is to simply ensure that if anything happened to Alexdn's account, he can still remain as Guild Master in the form of the alt account. This alt account plays no role in the Guilds management, it is purely used as an insurance.
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