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Dark Horse
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Guild Founder: Craystar
Approx. Population: 9
Guild Master(s):
  • Heathercicle
Guild Officer(s):
  • Delysander

Dark Horse Logo 5px.png Guild Summary

Dark Horse is a general chat and party guild with no tier preferences. You can contact the leaders by sending an email to sk.dark.horse.guild [at] gmail or via in-game mail to User:Heathercicle or Delysander.

"One day the Dark Horse will rise." -Craystar

Dark Horse Logo 5px.png How To Join

  • Dark Horse is currently actively auditioning and testing for new members.
  • We will only recruit players that we have observed in-game and have partied with in the clockworks.
  • We do not accept any out of the blue petitions to join unless we have been observing the petitioner.

Dark Horse Logo 5px.png Requirements To Join

We are accepting players from all tiers with no regard to gear nor time zone. Must be willing to give either an email address or steam account name for mailing list plus a one (1) week for assessment of character. A player's personal character is a more important criteria to us than their skill in-game when we are considering future members.

Dark Horse Logo 5px.png Requirements for Advancement

All promotions will be voted on by current guild masters and officers. Veterans are also consulted but do not vote. Please see notes at the bottom.


  • T1: Solo Snarbolax with assessment of skills
  • T2: JK or Twins run with assessment of skills
  • T3: Vanaduke run with assessment of skills

All newly appointed members will be on a three (3) week probationary period for assessment of behavioral character. During that time, you will be assessed on your ability to be respectful, as well as maintaining your player character. In other words, don't beg and be admirable, in or out of the guild chat.

Veteran or Above:

  • Advancement to Veteran will require a vote from all guild masters, officers, and veterans. This vote will be based on trust and personal character.
  • Any advancement further will require a vote from all active guild members. This vote will be based on trust and personal character. Nominations are welcome but you cannot nominate yourself. Recommendations from an officer or guild master is highly suggested.

Dark Horse Logo 5px.png In-Game Activity

Any RECRUIT that has not logged into the game at least once a week will be given one (1) warning then removed on second offense;

Any MEMBER that has not logged into the game at least once every two (2) weeks will be given warning then moved to the discharge phase;

Any VETERAN that has not logged into the game at least once every three (3) weeks will be given warning then moved to the discharge phase;

Any and all members should let the Guild Masters or the Officers of the Guild know if they are going on a vacation so that you are not reprimanded. If you are discharged for inactivity, you will be allowed back in, provided there is space. Anyone with Member status or above will not be expected to retest. Please see notes at the bottom.

Attending guild meetings is expected but not mandatory. You will not be allowed to make up missed meetings. For example, if a vote was taken and you were not there, you do not get to vote after the fact.

Dark Horse Logo 5px.png Guild Rules

TLDR? Be nice. Following the two rules below will help you to avoid being reprimanded and possibly removed.

1. Be respectful

Be respectful, honest, and have due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights, or traditions of another person, even if you don't agree with that person. No racial slurs. No religious slurs. No political slurs. No sexual slurs.

2. Do unto others as you would have them do to you

Help out your fellow guild mates when you can. This does not mean that you are expected to "loan" money or CE to any other player but you might be asked to check for a recipe at 23 Basil. If that player sends you money in mail or asks you to pick it up and promises to pay you once you return to town via trade, you might consider doing that.

ALL RULES APPLY IN AND OUTSIDE THE GUILD. As a representative of the guild you are expected to uphold our ideals everywhere.

Penalization Phase

TLDR? Three strikes and you're out unless you're consistently a jerk.

Warning Phase:

  • You will be warned that you have broken a rule. You only get one (1) warning for a particular incident per three (3) month period. If you choose to continue behaving in a way that breaks our guild rules, you will be automatically moved to the discharge phase.
  • You may have up to three warnings in any given three (3) month period (30 day increments, not calendar months), assuming different incident types.

Discharge Phase:

  • Once you have been warned three (3) times, you will be discharged from the guild after being voted on by the officers and guild masters, and you have been elected to be removed.

Dark Horse Logo 5px.png Current Members

Guild Masters


Demolishun - Currently on sabbatical


Dark Horse Logo 5px.png Notes

  • If you have ever been moved to the discharge phase but were not voted for removal, you will not be eligible for advancement to officer.
  • If you want to get extra brownie points, suggest T1 lockdown with the GM.
  • Craystar is a founding member/ronin.
  • Any information contained within this page may change at any time, with or without notice.
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