Darkfang Hunters (Guild)

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Darkfang Hunters
File:GuildLogo-Darkfang Hunters.png

Hunting for the Darkfang Shield!

Guild Founder: Infernoburner
Approx. Population: 3
Guild Master(s):


Guild Officer(s):

None at the moment.

Darkfang Hunters is a guild founded by Infernoburner on 3-11-2012, with the original purpose of endless hunting for the rarest item in the game: The Darkfang Shield. (PAGE WIP)

How do I join?

We are pleased that you want to hunt with us! To join, you have to meet the requirements of joining (below). If you do, simply type /tell Infernoburner, and tell him you want to join. Infernoburner not on? No problem. Send him a mail telling you want to join Darkfang Hunters.

Requirements: You must at least be Missions Rank 6-2. Yep, there's just 1 requirement.

The rules

To hunt with us, you must obey these rules. If you do not, you will be demoted and possibly kicked.

  • 1. Be nice to your fellow hunters. Rude, racist, or mean talk to any guild member will result in a demote, and if you continue, you will receive a gift: kick.
  • 2. No begging. Do not ask for items, crowns, or crystal energy on guild or officer chat. This will result in a demote, and on last rank, thus Recruit, you will be kicked.



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