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Near the end of a dash.

The dash is a special kind of movement that allows a knight to traverse distances very quickly, with a cooldown limiting its use.

Every knight is able to dash when in the field. New players can dash right out of their crash site and into action!

The default key combination for this action is Shift + Right Mouse Button. It cannot be activated in certain situations, such as when the knight is surrounded by enemies in a corner.

If the knight is standing still, then the knight jumps in the direction that the knight is facing. If the knight is moving, then the knight jumps in the movement direction.

When unobstructed, the jump is five tiles long, in a straight line. Hitting an obstacle after the second square causes the dash to stop. Hitting an obstacle before the second square causes the dash to be deflected in a different direction.

Dash does not deal damage or status to enemies, and the knight can take damage while dashing. Bear in mind that while the dash looks like a jump, it is not a true jump - so don't try to dash over floor traps and expect to take no damage.

At the end of a dash, the knight is immune to attacks for a brief period. During this time, the knight seems to lose aggro in general - nearby enemies tend to lose or drop the knight as a target. Monsters that are unaware of the player's presence can remain unaware if the dash is used correctly.

For example, dashing in front of the Rocket Puppy in Depth 25 of the Firestorm Citadel usually lets the player pass without getting noticed by the puppy.

In some cases, the knight can draw nearby monsters into the dash path. This might happen when the Right Mouse Button is pressed and then Shift is pressed after a small delay. This combined "monster+player dash" can be deflected by obstacles in the same way as a knight's dash.


The dash mechanic was introduced with release 2013-05-22, along with the Shield Bash. Both were announced here on the forums.


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