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Every wasted moment is time forever lost.

Guild Founder: Laraso
Approx. Population: 68
Guild Master(s):
  • Laraso
Guild Officer(s):
  • Hiyouhiyou
  • Zephanos

Guild Info

Guild History

Guild Notice Board

Zephanos awesone freaky.png
  • Attention: There are no notices.

Guild Membership and Initiation

We will take into consideration all applications which follow these few simple guidelines :)

Guild Rules and Etiquette

Awaiting official input from Guild Master Laraso addressing the rules and etiquette of all guild members.

Guild Ranking Procedure and Method

Guild Chronicle

Hiyouhiyou jump.png

Guild Idol and Master

  • Laraso

You are always being watched.. Always.

Full list of all Dasterapk members to be categorized and updated soon.

Dasterapk Guild Life

Gallery coming soon.

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