Debauchery Tea Party (Guild)

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Debauchery Tea Party
GuildLogo-Debauchery Tea Party.png

"After eliminating the impossible, whatever remains - however improbable - must be the truth."

Guild Founder: Darkarmedmudkip & Bobins
Approx. Population: 7
Guild Master(s):

Darkarmedmudkip; Bobins

About Us

Debauchery Tea Party was created by the anime-loving Darkarmedmudkip and Bobins, as a group of friends that enjoy adventuring through the clockworks together. We're also currently active and in recruitment - feel free to put in a request to join.


To join, the only thing you must do is understand the name. And PM/mail either of the masters, of course. Don't worry; you're allowed to be a noob.


  • Don't spam guild chat.
  • Don't be exceedingly annoying.
  • Nothing else currently.
  • Contributions to the hall are a policy of 'what you can, when you can'.


  • You start out as a Recruit.
  • Once we get to know you (pretty much within a few days), you get promoted to a Member.
  • Once you've been in the guild a while, we'll promote you to Veteran.
  • Any veterans with special contributions to the guild or leadership skills will be promoted to Officer - basically, you become one when we feel that it would benefit the guild.
  • Some officers may be considered for a position of Guild Master, but keep in mind that this is unlikely.
  • Promotions may be accelerated at the moment due to low membership.


The list of people in Debauchery Tea Party as of 13/12/2013:

Guild Members


Made by Darkarmedmudkip. If you feel that you could improve this in any way, feel free to contact me in game or through Steam (I'm Kaminoshi 神の死 on Steam).

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