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Erase The Truth.

Guild Founder: Sintag & Selation-Evatus
Approx. Population: 100-ish
Guild Master(s):
  • Joel-Coboose
  • Flareyon
  • Giraffed
  • Tryhardbanana
Guild Officer(s):
  • Blastrider
  • Centipod
  • Detective-Taco
  • Srikanth
  • Yuki-Kitsune
  • Jesuswasblack

What is Declassified?

We're an all-tier guild focusing on a more family in the business style. And by that we mean ALL TIER. We accept any and all players willing to join us, from simple T1 PvE players trying to find good gear to the guys who play Lockdown to the people you find others envying. We accept anybody, from all tiers who want to join.



Our guild promotes its members according to their player ranks. Below is a short summary of how it works!

Recruit - Any players with ranks under Knight (eg. Apprentice, Squire, Soldier) will remain as Recruits. Nothing much at this rank, just have fun and rank up.

Member - Knights will be automatically promoted to this rank. Members are required to donate 1000 crowns per week.

Veteran - Defenders will be automatically promoted to this rank. Veterans are expected to help out Members and are required to donate 2000 crowns per week.

Officer - To be promoted to an Officer, you must have help out the guild significantly. The consent of a GM and another Officer is required for promotion. They will take charge when none of the GM's are online. Officers are required to donate 3000 crowns per week.

Guild Master - Guild Masters must take care of the guild and the well-being of its members. Before making any major decisions, they must earn the consent of another guild master.

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