Demolition Inc. (Guild)

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Demolition Inc.
GuildLogo-Demolition Inc..png

"Where knights aim for perfection"

Guild Founder: Milleh & prodjsmiles
Approx. Population: 9
Guild Master(s):
  • Milleh
  • Prodjsmiles

About us

We are a group of well skilled knights which have been searching for a place to hang out and have fun, so our guild masters united to create a guild suitable for all knights ready to serve this guild as if their own. We have entered a new strategy to this game including all skills especially bombs.


Our guild usually has its meetings in the guild hall almost every week. We sometimes make unexpected meetings in the guild hall when needed. We also have give always sometimes in international holidays such as the holy holiday of Christmas, Easter, and much more!!


We might be a fun and playful, but we have to stick to some of our rules.

The rules are as follows:

  • Don't be rude to your guild mates!
  • Never try scamming guild chat.
  • You Should have a bomb at least 2 stars or higher (ask guild masters for assistance).
  • Always be at your best, you represent your guild so be nice and be friendly and strong.

Guild Members

We are 11 guild mates, we are online almost daily.


Every guild needs a gallery, we sometimes love to get screen shots of our success or make pics with our name.

Our Qualities

We are one of the only guilds that are unique for our service to other knights in the guild. We offer free armor and energy or crowns, and also divide the fees of recipes and other items needed by one of the knights so no one get mad. We can offer a list of recipes for our members inorder to improve.

Copyright Issues

Attention: This page and pictures have been made by Prodjsmiles, any copying what so ever will result in severe consequences.

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