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Demonic angels is a guild with hopes to become one of the tops hoping to find more active players so we can do things such as lock down.The guild will help and support you if possible (or at least i will there might be certain members that won'y).

Joining the Guild

If you want to join the guild you need to an active player. To join send me mail saying you want to join with the amount of tokens you got from each boss (counting the tokens you spent from buying items from brinks)so i can see how much experience you have. I'd also like you to be at least tier 2. And please be nice to each other when you join.

Other things

If you think someone in the guild in the guild is being rude or you are in a conflict tell me and i'll do something about though i will not kick them for they are part of our gaming family. I will only kick people if they put me to extremes by that i mean you won't get kicked unless you make me really pissed.

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