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The starting point of all achievement is desire.

Guild Founder: Swordtek, Rubexie
Approx. Population: 7

About Us

Desire is a new guild that was founded on 30/4/2015 by Swordtek and Rubexie. Choosing a name for the guild was by far the hardest thing for us, eventually we both agreed on Desire, this decision gave birth to this guild. We hope to create a helpful, nice and non-toxic community that can eventually rival the bigest and most famous of guilds!


Recruiting: Yes!

Want to join Desire? Ask a guild member to forward your name to an Officer/GM or just mail one of them yourself! Everyone is welcome in this guild! be they 1* or 5*! You are welcome no matter where you are from, all we ask of you is to obey the rules and don't be a douche!


Members come and go, but there are alot of people that want a place to stay, and we wish to provide that place and thus we do not want our places to taken by inactive players that are never online. Thats why we will remove any inactive players to make room for new and active players.

Recruits get 2 weeks before they are removed

Members get 1 month before they are removed

IMPORTANT: If you go on a holiday or something else for let's say, 3 weeks. Please notify a GM and we will make sure you will not be removed from the guild

Guild Roster

  • Ranks are determined by how active you are in the guild and your loyalty/trust.
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