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{{GuildInfo | name = Destined To Greatnes | motto = "We Are The Musketeers... Only Without The Gungho and Frilly Hats!!!" | founder = Austin A. AKA Ricanfuego | masters

  • RicanFuego
  • Artekus
  • Nightmare-King

| officers

  • Bspwmv
  • Exo-Suit
  • NeonBlader

| pop = 27 members so far

How to join: 1. In order to join you will first need to convince the one who is recruiting you that you are a friendly person.(Note: We do not need any mean guild members, either get along with your fellow guildmates or leave) 2.Before actually becoming a member you will need to preform a seiries of tests to prove your loyalty, dedication, and respect twoards our guild. 3. If you can not find a guild recruiter PM 1 of the guild masters or the officers

Divisions: When you become a member of the guild you will be assined to one of three different divisions

  • EQ (Earthquake)Headed by Nightmare-King:Focused on collecting crowns, taking armor/weapons/item requests from all guild members and trying its best to fullfill those wants. As well as the Responsibility of making a name for our guild.
  • Blizzard headed by Bspwmv- Billizard also collects money but the money is put twoard buying materials for alchemy and crafting newer and better items
  • Tempest headed by Artekus- The main millitary branch, helping fellow guildmates take on tough missions no matter what rank or teir they are. No matter the difficulty the Tempest Division will strive to complete it ASAP

There is another Division comprised of the top troopers in our guild, and that is the inferno divison headed by Ricanfuego leader and founder of the guild.(note: when promoted to an officer guild members may bring forth a new division idea, if approved you are the new leader of that divison)

Rules: The rules are simple get along with your fellow guild members, and follow the rules of whom ever is your officer.


  • Recruits to Members- Recruits must go through a total of 6 missions, judged on your preformance the guild will welcome you or decide to test you longer
  • Member to vetrans- Preform your best and try your hardest and the guild masters may or may not promote you(Note: officers also have the power to promote you but first must be brought to the attention of the guildmasters)
  • Vets to Officers- If the guild masters see your overall preformance is exceptional you will be promoted(Note:Officers can bring a new division idea to the Guildmasters' attention)

Current Guild Roster:

  • Ricanfuego(Guildmaster)
  • Artekus(Guildmaster)
  • Nightmare-King(Guildmaster)
  • Senhor-Da-Noite(Member)
  • Naroom(Recruit)
  • Bspwmv(Officer)
  • Exo-Suit(Vetran)
  • Neonblader(Vetran)
  • Bublik(Member)
  • Deanxmaster(member)
  • Epic-Cat(Member)
  • Exdaskillz(Member)
  • Goliathu(Member)
  • Integrall(member)
  • Josh-Kris-Boom(member)
  • Legocommander(member)
  • Lundgrom(member)
  • Myquest(member)
  • Roachfingers(member)
  • Sonic-freind(member)
  • Vonlewisado-Two(member)
  • Yongalexthehero(member)
  • Clownyawn(recruit)
  • Orobo(recruit)
  • Seniorr(recruit)
  • Xx-censored-xX(recruit)

Guild page maker/Editor:Nightmare-King aka. Antonio G. Got questions? Leave a comment and ill get back to you ASAP, or you can find me in the amaizing World of SpiralKnights

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