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"We know our past. We see the future. Knowledge is the key."

Guild Founder: Maxor-Fan
Approx. Population: 20
Guild Master(s):


About us

Divination is a rising guild made in hopes to build a strong, safe and friendly community of players who are willing to help each other when in need, or just to play together as friends. We hope to have our more experienced players willing to help out our less experienced players, share knowledge about the game and thus, ultimately become a stronger guild. And last but certainly not least, we all hope to be fabulous, to the highest extent.

Our expectations

-We do expect, that each and everyone of our members contribute what they can to the guild. This, is to ensure that the guild does progress, and that our upkeep will always be payed.

-We expect all our members willing to be friendly to fellow guildies, and to treat them with respect. Our goal is to create a safe environt ment for all our players, any foul or derogatory language, racism, and such will absolutely NOT be accepted.

-We expect everyone, to be willing to have fun, and be fabulous

The rules

Watch your behavior You represent the guild. Don't act like a fool.

No begging fellow guildies It's very annoying, much more appreciated would be, eg. asking help farming a mission.

Don't Scam Not cool. Nuf said.

Watch your language You never know who you might offend

Be ACTIVE! It is important being active in the guild. If you are going to be away, inform me via mail, so you do not get removed!

Violations against these rules will result in possibly varying consequences, most likely a demote or even removal from the guild


If you do wish to join us, please look up at our expectations, and make sure you meet them. We do have requirements. We aren't an elitist group, and you don't have to be the best of the best, but I expect members to have some experience. You must be active as well, and currently we are only excepting rank knight elite and above. Exceptions *can* be made, for players who can prove themselves to be either exceptional in skill, or personality. If you are interested, do message Maxor-Fan ingame via mail system.

The ranks

Guild Masters: The two most fabulous guys you will ever see~Maxor

Officers Hand-picked members to help run the guild. Will donate regularly, and help recruit new members. May help arrange the guild hall.

Veterns Kind & Helpful, active players who donate regularly, and are willing to participate in guild events and help newer players.

Members Loyal players who are on often, and help out by being generous and are willing to donate what they can. Have been in the guild for at least a few days.

Recruit Someone who has just been recruited. Really, self explanitory.

If you wish to be promoted, take a look at the criteria above. Make sure you meet that, prove it, and if it isn't recognized, don't be shy to send the guild masters a message.

We are open to suggestions

If you do have a suggestion on how we could improve the guild, what to buy next, etc.. don't be shy! Feel free to send a message, or even say it in open chat. We always are happy to look at constructive criticism


Still under construction :D

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