Dragonwing Clan (Guild)

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Dragonwing Clan
GuildLogo-Dragonwing Clan.png

Flying Free

Guild Founder: Loredarkclaw
Approx. Population: 10

Guild Officer(s):
  • Homelesstew
  • Julyxx

The Dragonwing Clan

With roots running deep throughout history, the Dragonwing Clan is comprised of like-minded people whom work together to help others navigate and traverse the Clockworks, along with upgrading their equipment and helping them when in need. We promote teamwork and trust between our members and it is our belief that this will help in the efficiency of dungeon and boss runs, as well as building friendship and loyalty.

The Scrolls

Coming Soon

Recruitment & The Rites

Clan Laws

  • 1. No anti-social behaviour. Although we don't condone swearing as a whole, the occasional slip won't get you in trouble. However, continuous use of bad language or avoiding of the profanity filter would be inadvisable.

Clan Ranks

Clan Herald

November 19, 2011
Please do not ask anyone within the guild for CE after you have been told no. This behavior is inappropriate and may get you demoted or kicked from the guild if it continues. If you are asking for CE or CR, make sure you let the person/people you are asking why you need it.
--Loredarkclaw 02:15, 19 November 2011 (UTC)

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