Dum Spiro Spero (Guild)

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Dum Spiro Spero
GuildLogo-Dum Spiro Spero.jpg

While I breathe, I hope.

Guild Founder: Ferventgrowth
Approx. Population: 85
Guild Master(s):
  • Ferventgrowth
  • Angelicchaos
  • Shadowbeneath
  • Mop-Man
Guild Officer(s):
  • Clambelly
  • Axolotl-Tlacatl
  • Beeutea
  • Helmetdark
  • Mrsmountains
  • Thrillhaus

About Us

Dum Spiro Spero is a tight-knit, low-drama, semi-casual guild. We make regular Tier 2 and Tier 3 guild runs, and we play Tier 2 and Tier 3 Lockdown. Our core members are typically over 21, experienced, patient, friendly, and chatty. We like to chill, shoot the breeze, and have a good time. Mutually supportive gaming is more important to us than a competitive, win-at-any-cost attitude.

How To Join

Dum Spiro Spero is open to any player who expresses an interest in joining.

Send an in-game mail (or /tell) to any guild officer for an invite.


  • Recruit: Any Spiral knights player is welcome to join our guild as a Recruit.
  • Member: Any recruit who is deemed to be of good character will be promoted to Member.
  • Veteran: Members who have gained access to Tier Three in-game and who have been with us for at least four weeks will be promoted to Veteran.
  • Officer: Veterans who are active (regulars) and who have proven themselves trustworthy may be promoted to Officer.


  • Members will be removed from the guild after 6 weeks of inactivity.
  • Alternate accounts will not be granted membership.
  • Spamming guild chat will not be tolerated.

Guidelines for Players, A.K.A. Common Sense Rules for Survival in Spiral Knights Society

  • Be kind and respectful of all players.
  • Don't take the game too seriously.
  • Don't be a beggar.
  • Wait until your teammates are ready before you hit the switch.
  • Tab your guildmates if they need it.
  • Repay your guildmates if they tab you.
  • Allow your guildmates to purchase small quantities of CE from you at market price.
  • Have fun, and use your head!
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