Echo of Silence (Guild)

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Echo of Silence
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Never Heard, Never Forgotten

Guild Founder: Njthug & Dogrock
Approx. Population: 103

About Us

We are a guild of relaxed people founded later in the Final Preview Event by Njthug and Dogrock. Half an hour into the Head-Start Event on April 1st this guild was recreated and repopulated, making it one of the first guilds of the game's public release. You can find many of our members hanging around the forums trying to help people or just having some fun.

In this guild you'll find players that are fresh to the game and some that have been playing Spiral Knights since the Preview Events. As such, Echo of Silence tends to have a fairly large collective knowledge of how the game mechanics work.

We don't have any goals of becoming the Most Powerful or Biggest Name. Instead, we are more interested in just having fun while playing Spiral Knights. Don't get us wrong: when we decide to knuckle down and have a serious Clockworks dive, we're no joking matter. Unless, of course, something turns out to be Boswick's fault.

Refer Here if you would like to learn more about the guild and how to join.

Guild Registry

The current Guild population is 103 Knights, many of whom can be seen exploring the Clockworks on a daily basis.

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