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Elite Defenders
GuildLogo-Elite Defenders.png

A Casual Guild for Casual Gamers

Guild Founder: Giga-Spinax
Approx. Population: 154/200
Guild Master(s):
  • Fuzzy-Squirrel
  • Giga-Allo
  • Giga-Spinax
  • Igotsswagg (Retired)
  • Masked-Guardian
  • Snafupox
  • Zebramf (Retired)
Guild Officer(s):
  • Athenian-Owl
  • Kyrehx
  • Mattofquestions
  • Tedme
  • Thepopguardian
  • Thunderbirdva


This wiki page will no longer be updated. Occasional changes may be made whenever the need arises, such as guild population updates. I apologize for the inconvenience, but I have no interest in doing weekly updates anymore. This guild is still very active, so please message a guild master or officer if you are interested in joining our ranks.


Steam Group


The steam group is set up to be invite only so that we can limit it to our current members. Please do not ask for an invite if you are not a member in our guild. Thank you.

We have a Steam group for our members. The group is view-able by the public, but we will only invite you if you are a guild member. The Steam group will always be updated with the latest news and updates. This wiki page will be updated semi-regularly, but the best way to get updates will always be through the Steam group.

Click here to go to the Steam group.


The Elite Defenders is a small, friendly community of gamers that enjoy exploring the Clockworks, defeating bosses, playing Lockdown, and just hanging out together. Many of our members range between Tier 2 and 3, but we'll accept just about anyone that wants to join. We are all active members of the Spiral Knights community, so there will always be someone online to chat and play with! Stop by our hall sometime and see what we've got to offer - we'd love to have your company!

Joining the Elite Defenders

Joining the guild is a simple process. All you need to do is send a message to one of the Officers or Guild Masters listed (preferably via mail) and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. You can also visit us in our guild hall. We try to keep it open as frequently as we possibly can.

Member Benefits

Here is a list of amenities that we currently offer our members:

  • A big guild hall with three floors and all wings unlocked.
  • Member, Veteran, and Officer storage (for gear and materials)
  • Our own Auction House and Alchemy stations
  • A bar, barracks, and garden for relaxation
  • A War Room for guild meetings
  • Hunter's Lodge for creating epic statues
  • A 200-member limit
  • Friendly guildmates and active officers

Room Renting Guide


We currently have two rooms available in the guild hall for members to rent. By paying a weekly fee, you'll be able to customize your room with all sorts of furniture. Renters can expect the following:

  • Promotion to Veteran. This way, you can edit your the room, but you must get an officer or GM's approval before it can be published. Stealing furniture from other rooms is not allowed. You will be demoted back to member when you either miss your rent or choose to stop renting the room. This does not apply to current Veterans.
  • Must pay 21k per week. This can be paid either all at once, or at a rate of 3k per day. (Must pay 21k by the end of the week, or you will be evicted. Your room will be emptied of all furniture and become open for others to rent.)
  • Must buy furniture with your own money. We'll buy the furniture for you, but only if you provide the crowns. Energy Wells cannot be purchased. For the complete list of furniture that can be purchased, click here: Furniture

If you have any questions regarding this system, please feel free to contact an officer or GM.

Rules, Guidelines, and Rankings

These are the guidelines that we'd like to see every member follow to keep this guild in a close-knit, family-style setting.

  • Be a good person - Being a nice person is a large part of what we ask for in this guild. Simply showing that you care for your fellow guildmates will help immensely. Though, just for clarification, we aren't asking that you give out all of your crowns and Energy to those who beg.
  • Use common sense - This goes hand-in-hand with the above guideline. Please use common sense when playing in the guild. We all want to trust that you can make good, healthy decisions on your own terms.
  • Do not beg for promotions - Not much needs to be said here. Do not beg to be promoted to Veteran or above - chances are, we're going to ignore you and move on. Prove to us that you can be trusted with a promotion, and then we'll talk.
  • Be active - We would love to have as many active members as possible. We understand if you can't be on every single day, but being absent for too long without a reason isn't good for the guild. See the Guild Ranks section below for the amount of time we allow members of each rank to be absent for.
  • Use storage correctly - Materials and gear put in storage is not there for people to take for free. If you take something out of storage, put something back in of equal value. For example, taking out a 2-star material for crafting means that you need to put in another 2-star material to even things out. Taking out two 2-star materials means two 2-star materials must be put back in. The same system applies to everything else in storage.
    • If you do not have a material of equivalent value to replace the one you took out, four materials of the previous tier only can be put in instead.


Getting through the ranks can be as easy as you make it. We're looking for knights who are willing to help out the guild and it's members. Donating crowns and being a friendly person will help your progress more than begging and whining ever will.

  • Recruit: Everyone in the guild starts at this rank. No special right or privileges. Donating 1,000 crowns to the treasury will earn promotion to Member rank. Recruits can go inactive for up to three weeks (21 days) before being kicked.
  • Member: Earned by donating 1,000 crowns to the treasury. Members get the officer's thanks and access to Member Storage. Continue helping the guild and its members and you may be promoted to Veteran status. Members can go inactive for up to five weeks (35 days) before being kicked.
  • Veteran: Highly respected in the guild. Earns the rights to Veteran Storage and may rent one of the guild hall's empty rooms for their own personal use. Veterans have the opportunity to become an Officer by showing that they can be a respected leader. This is NOT a guarantee. Veterans can go inactive for up to eight weeks (56 days) before being kicked.
  • Officer: Officers are the core of our guild. They help set up guild meetings, organize boss runs, and support their fellow guild members. Remember, though, they are guild members just like everyone else. Officers can be inactive for up to ten weeks (70 days) before being kicked.
  • GM: Consider them all-controlling, god-like entities in the guild. Their word is law, and all decisions are final. GMs will never be kicked for inactivity.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding the guild, send one of the officers an in-game message (It can be by mail or PM).

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