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Repulsae Nescia: Ignorant of Defeat

Guild Founder: Rubmytoe
Approx. Population: 14
Guild Master(s):
  • Rubmytoe
Guild Officer(s):
  • Mahkookeh


There was once nothing. Then there was Spiral Knights. After that was a very long era of silence. Then, there was Elites. We have created this guild a long, long time ago, suffering from the economy, almost disbanding. Rubmytoe held on as the guild he took pride and joy from slowly started to deteriorate. His real life started tearing from his Spiral Knights life. Then there was the era of Summer. The blissful season when everyone decides to reactivate their Spiral Knights life. Rubmytoe traveled across Cradle, destroying countless monsters on his way to the top. He had to recover from near poverty, so he started to drive very difficult bargains. He tried recruiting his members back to no avail. Then, there were the Four. The Four entered the Spiral Knights life together, joining Rubmytoe from his real life. The Four- Juandirection, Lumpyskunk, ihaverabies, and Mahkookeh- rejuvenated the guild. Rubmytoe decided that it was very dull with only the Four to converse with. So he started inviting. And to this day, he remains inviting.


Elites is recruiting new members with this application:

  • 1) How long have you played (clocked/started)?
  • 2) How long do you play daily?
  • 3) How many runs do you usually do a day?
  • 4) Have you beaten any bosses? Shadow Lairs?
  • 5) How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

Our Members

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