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Embermist Scavengers
Founder: Konfide and Vanishadow
Guild masters: Professor-Delta, Waffle-The-Nubb, Undercase, Xacre
Guild web manager: Head Guild Master Professor-Delta
Approximate population: 100
Alive since: January 2012

Official Guild Rules

1. While donations are not "required", they are much appreciated.

2. Do not enter design mode (edit) of the guild hall without permission from an officer or guild master!

3. Respect Guild Masters and their officers. Report any misuse of power or privilege to Head Guild Master Professor-Delta.

4. Report all issues to a Guild Master and allow them to resolve it. Do not go onto forums or other sites and trash-talk the offending player.

5. If anyone is nasty to you, always treat them nicely even if you don't want to.

6. Do not beg or advertise in the Guild Chat

7. Be Social

8. Be Awesome

9. Be Respectful

Guild Overview

Embermist Scavengers is a group of players who play this game to have fun, friendship, and good times.

We hold consistent events such as raffles, proto lockdown, and jeopardy! There is always something being planned at Embermist Scavengers.

If you ask Xacre what our guild is all about he'd say, "Be awesome, be respectful, and be social. We have plenty of events! Come and have fun!"

So if you like making friends, annihilating Vanaduke, discussing the meaning of life through contrast of Plato's and Socrates' views (yes, this actually happened) then what are you waiting for? Join us! We are always drafting new members who meet recruitment requirements.

Event information

-Proto Lockdown-

All participants must only use proto gear, from their weapons to their trinkets. nothing above proto is accepted.

If you use anything but proto you will be removed from the event and no prize will be given.

Prizes for:

1st, 2nd, highest damage.

Highest Captures

Most Valuable Player

-Vanaduke races-

Rules may vary, but usually one judge per team of three.

First to kill vana wins. (Time stop at when he kneels)

each spark rev adds 30 seconds.

No gear rules or limits, no enemy kill count needed,

Recruitment and Promotion Requirements


Must hold mission rank of Knight or higher.

Be invited.


Join the guild discord -OR- Be in the guild for at least 7 days.


Be in the guild discord.

Be in the guild for at least 30 days.

Complete rite of passage.


Donate at least 50,000 crowns; Hold minimum mission rank of Defender-Elite, and complete a second, harder rite of passage.

Our process for choosing officers goes as follows: There are 3 Guild Masters of whom each has 2 officers.

When an officer steps down, a veteran chosen by the officer's respective Guild Master or Head Guild Master Professor-Delta will take their place.

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