Etcetera Knights (Guild)

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Etcetera Knights
File:GuildLogo-Etcetera Knights.

The Knights of Etcetera

Guild Founder: Crazy-Mickey
Approx. Population:  :50+

Guild Officer(s):
  • Deadpools(Leader)
  • General-Echo
  • Vanellope-Shweetz
  • Snap-Crackle-Popp


Welcome to Ectetera Knights!, A Guild Founded by Crazy-Mickey in last 2011, early 2012!

  • Leader: Deadpools
    • Lieutenants: General-Echo, Vanellope-Schweetz, Snap-Crackle-Popp
      • Updates: Working on Guild Hall, and Members

Breaking News!

  • Deadpools, and General-Echo(thanks to Vanellope's help also) come back and Revive this guild in 1-day!!!(3/24/13)
  • Deadpools Starts to Work on this Guild
  • Deadpools Alt invites him, and He starts the guild going again
  • Deadpools finds out the Guild wasn't Disbanded
  • Deadpools Stares at the Dead Guild sadly, and Leaves
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